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  1. Randy

    MacGyver gadget-Not sure what I will do with this…

    I bought two. One for my son and one for me
  2. Randy

    Thermoworks Dot flashes “No Probe”. How can I fix?

    To me it's either the battery or the probe. I try replacing whichever wants the cheapest first
  3. Randy

    Beef Plate Ribs

    Wow nice
  4. Randy

    CI pizzas

    HOW?? Both look so damn good
  5. Randy

    Exclusive Drawing for Forum Members: Cook's Country 1 Year Magazine Subscription

    I don't know about eggplant cheesecake. I'm sure I would enjoy reading it
  6. Randy

    Halloween Idea

    It's a great idea I think it'd be fun to see
  7. Randy

    T-Bones, fresh harvested wild chanterelles and mole at the cabin!

    Those were some very nice looking steaks
  8. Randy

    Mission accomplished

    Looks like a great score nice wood. Now all you need is a banner to hang off your house
  9. Randy

    First SRF brisket and…

    Good luck nice looking piece of meat. Enjoy
  10. Randy

    Dumb question about Charcoal for my old Kettle

    Just be careful on how you store those. Organic material like briquettes given the right conditions especially after being wet can and do spontaneously night. You can dry them out, just store them in a safe place away from your house. Don't put a bunch of briquettes on top of the wet bag. Or...
  11. Randy

    Baby Backs on a Snake 🐍 with peach 🍑

    Go ribs.. go ducks. It was a fun game to watch
  12. Randy

    Beef Ribs

    Those look very nice. I love those beef ribs
  13. Randy

    Seared Steak Tips with Seasoned Peppers and Onions.

    What kind of steak did you use?
  14. Randy

    What’s a good charcoal starter cube torch that’s refillable?

    I use what Steve has above. And Weber starter cubes
  15. Randy

    Should I put a grill cover on my Weber grill?

    If you're not going to use it this winter can you store it in the garage or a shed or something? 20 bucks doesn't get much these days maybe a blue tarp and some bungees you can make a cover that might work
  16. Randy

    Pork Char Siu kabobs

    Damn that looks good
  17. Randy

    Cookbox Exterior Cleaning Methods?

    I like simply green in fact I just used it today. You spray it on let it sit for a while and wipe it off it doesn't really good job
  18. Randy

    Quick cook

    So how they turn out?
  19. Randy

    Recommendations for Griddle Scraper?

    I use a 99 cent plastic paint scraper works fine for me if it breaks or gets too yucky I just throw it away and get another 99 cent one