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    How does the Smokefire app compare to a RecTeq?

    I've been on the fence between a Smokefire EX4 and a RecTeq 590. Anybody have first hand knowledge and can compare the app from each?
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    DIY grease drip catch tray?

    I'm interested in a gen2 SF to be used mostly for long low and slow cooks of things like brisket, beef ribs and pork butts. I'm concerned these greasy types of meats could cause enough grease drippings and ash to combine and ignite since (I think) Weber is still using the same floor-based grease...
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    Finishing sauce for beef back ribs?

    I’ve never used a BBQ sauce on any beef I’ve smoked but think I want to try some on beef back ribs. Any suggestions for a commercial sauce? I would use it to glaze the ribs about 30 minutes before pulling them. i usually glaze my pork ribs and like a sweet and spicy sauce so and am a big fan of...
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    Couple questions about my new 22” Performer

    I decided to get a 22” Performer with the short folding table after a year of make-do grilling on the bottom of my 18” WSM. Looking forward to summer time grilling if the meat supply will hold up! 1. How do folks open/close the hinged cooking grate openings once things get hot? I assume they...
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    Beef loin flap meat steaks ???

    Just saw a pack of these Beef loin flap meat steaks at Costco and they looked really marbled and delicious. But i didn’t buy them as I wasn’t sure how to cook them. What is this cut like? I was thinking it would be best grilled like a steak, maybe after marinating in my favorite teriyaki sauce...
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    Height from grate surface to charcoal for grilling?

    Does Weber build their charcoal grills have a standard height from the grate surface to the charcoal? I ask as I use a poor man's version of my 18" WSM to do any charcoal grilling. I do this buy dumping a lit chimney of charcoal into the bottom of the WSM as per usual, then just place my...
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    Replacement bottom grate options for older 18.5” WSM?

    My 2005 era WSM is finally ready for a new bottom grate. The one on Amazon is $40 :confused: and would either like a cheaper source or if any of our aftermarket options will suffice? I mention that mine is a 2005 model in case there is a difference. Sometimes there are.
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    Older model 18" WSM with leaking access door

    My pre-2008 model 18" WSM is still going strong although the access door has a slight bow to it. I'm hesitant to try and bend - in fact it's hard for me to see by eye. I am wodnering if I should try to order a factory replacement, or look into one of those heavier-duty aftermarket doors or even...
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    Mixed readings with Thermapen Mk. 4

    I have a new Thermapen Mk. 4 and have had some odd usage out of it, and today I decided to be very focused on the readings it produced. I have some beef ribs that were close to ready so I checked them with the ThermaPen. I keep getting different results that vary by a significant amount. It...
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    Lid holder for Premium Kettle models?

    I want the more transportable Premium kettle :blackkettle: but really love the idea of lid holder that only seems to come with the :greenperformer: Performer model. Is there any optional to get a lid holder on the Premium?
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    What's the deal with the Big Green Egg?

    Everywhere I go (retail stores) I see BGE for sale, yet when I chat up local folks into doing their own smoking I find hardly nobody owns one (they almost all own a WSM!). I know there is a huge price difference but a lot of the folks I talk to seem to like barbecue enough that I think they...
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    Anybody try a pellet grill and regret it?

    While researching pellet grills/smokers someone offered the following bit of advice: 'Don't get rid of your WSM' Well, after 2 days of using my new pellet grill I'm ready to sell it for scrap and buy the 22" WSM I should have bought. Maybe I'm just too used to the (delicious) flavor profile of...
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    Can I hold 300 - 325 on WSM with empty water pan?

    I plan to do a hot and fast brisket cook tomorrow. My goal is to hold a steady temp somewhere 300 - 325. Last week I tried it with water in the water pan and was unable to sustain steady temps over 300. I had temp spikes as the water pan ran dry, then big temp drops as I added water to stop...
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    Do newer WSM's have sections that lets rain enter?

    I have an early model 18.5" WSM. The lid fits down into the rim of the midsection such that rain runs down the lid, into the midsection and down the inside of the smoker. I wonder why they didn't design the lid to fit over the midsection? I think the midsection also fits down inside the bottom...
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    Smaller charcoal basket to reduce partial burnt briquettes?

    Except for a long brisket cook, I almost always have 20 to 40% leftover but partially burnt briquettes at the end of a cook in my 18" WSM. I save these in a small lidded trashcan and will use them sooner or later. I don't even fill the chamber up all the way each time and still feel like I could...
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    New remote thermometer shopping. Smoke better than Maverick ET-732?

    I'm on my 2nd Maverick, the first one lasted about 4 years and recall having to replace at least one probe. My second one (ET-732) was purchased 3 years ago and I'm buying my 2nd or third replacement probe now. And the latest probe issues have me slightly suspicious of variability between which...
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    Source for Brinkmann 812-0002 water pans?

    I'd like to replace the water pan on my pre-2009 18" WSM to increase capacity. Chris has a nice page detailing a modification which is just a direct swap of the Weber water pan for the Brinkmann 812-0002 water pan. But I can't find any of these anywhere. All I see is a Brinkmann 812-0004 which...
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    Will minion method run WSM at 300 for whole chicken ?

    I want to smoke a chicken tomorrow, maybe around 275 to 300. Unfortunately I only have about a half a bag of Kingsford but am thinking that will give me half a charcoal chamber which sounds like plenty for a 2 to 3 hour cook. Is that enough if I'm going to run the vents more open to get the...
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    Flanken cut beef ribs?

    I have a couple flanken cuts of beef ribs and plan to smoke them. Anything different to consider compared to other beef short ribs I've done? I'm not sure why people even cut them this way?
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    When did Kingsford stop the 20 lb. bags?

    Just realizing my last bag of Kingsford charcoal I am using up is a 20 lb. bag, and that Lowes and Walmart are selling 18 and 16 lb. bags. Pretty much the same money I recall paying for the 20 lb. bags (usually 2-bag deal) a few years back. Or is it that the 20 lb. bags are still available and...