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    Warranty Query

    Hi, I've just submitted my first ever warranty claim to Weber for burn through on the inside of my Spirits 2013 S320. Has anyone else filed such a claim and what is people general experience of their warranty process? Thanks
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    2013 Weber Spirit S320 Ignition Fault

    Hi, I am in the Uk and I have a faulty ignition on my 2013 Weber Spirit S320. The replacement ignition kit is nowhere to be found here but I have a question about the ignition for the E310. Is the spark generated in the push button that is mounted on the front of the grill? If so, could I not...
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    Interesting For UK Subscribers Have just seen this on eBay for anyone who may be interested
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    For Sale in the Uk
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    Pok Pok Charcoal

    Hi, has anyone tried grilling with Pot Pok Thai style charcoal? I ordered some from Amazon as a test and finally used it last weekend. It took a while to light but once it did it was fantastic. It stayed hot for much longer than lump charcoal and didn't't produce the smoke like direct...
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    Using Thermoworks Smoke on WSM

    Hi. I’m just smoking a ham on my WSM and using my new Thermoworks Smoke for the first time and have a question about how others use theirs. As the food probe is at a right angle and the connection to the lead quite bulbous, how do others get it to the food as the pre drilled hole and silicone...
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    Weber Obsession?

    Well I've just been to the biggest Weber showroom here in the UK with the intention of using some vouchers towards a Dutch Oven. However, upon walking through the door I discovered that they were discounted Performer Deluxes' with water damaged boxes with full warranty. So to cut a long story...