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  1. Richard S

    Cabin cooks- T Bones and breakfast!

    Enjoyed a couple nights post-Thanksgiving at my cabin and made use of the Genesis! Did a very nice T Bone on Friday and some leftover pulled pork with mole on Saturday!Had a couple great frittatas!And some great beer!
  2. Richard S

    No Turkey, No Cry…pork baby! Cubano style!

    Inspired earlier in the week by Brett’s cook. Was looking for a very different Thanksgiving experience and this fit the bill! Woke up to a very damp, foggy and cold morning. Got the coals going on the Perfomer bright and early! Marinated the 7.5 shoulder the night before and did a nice rub that...
  3. Richard S

    MacGyver gadget-Not sure what I will do with this…

    But it was only $12. On a deal today… Limited-time deal: Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Cooking, Fast & Precise Digital Food Thermometer with Backlight, Magnet, Calibration, and Foldable Probe for Deep Fry, BBQ, Grill, and Roast Turkey
  4. Richard S

    Buttered 🧈🧈and I mean Buttered ribeyes 🥩

    Took part in a fun night of grilling while visiting some friends last weekend! They have a Summit that I helped move a couple years ago. You know it’s going to be a great night when you walk into the house and see this-It was not my recipe or my night to do dinner but I helped out as much as I...
  5. Richard S

    It’s nights like this I am glad to have a Gasser!

    Cold and wet but still had a roast to cook and I am just not very happy using my oven! The Gold B is a very good friend on nights like this! And so is a Manhattan!Roasted some sweet potatoes on the top rack in foil with some olive oil and salt. Prepped roast with Montreal and grilled the...
  6. Richard S

    T-Bones, fresh harvested wild chanterelles and mole at the cabin!

    Had a plan for some T-Bones and mole but called an audible and pulled in some fresh Chanterelles to add to the party! These look a lot like cauliflower. Had my first winter ale of the season!Prepped these very large T-Bones.Pretty damp weather and I had some questionable charcoal on hand. Got...
  7. Richard S

    Spiceology- 20% off and free shipping

    One day sale! Free shipping on orders over $50
  8. Richard S

    Baby Backs on a Snake 🐍 with peach 🍑

    Fall finally came crashing into Southern Oregon this weekend. Wanted to do ribs yesterday but it was some wet and unwieldy weather! Today turned out pretty nice. Celebrated the big Ducks win prior to lightning the Performer!Set up with a snake with some Kingsford and peach 🍑Rubbed some very...
  9. Richard S

    Taking the Teriyaki and cool smoke option

    We all have choices and tonight my kids chose teriyaki chicken which was just fine by me. Started the weekend with some of my favorite beer and a brewery I will visit a week from today!I work with a guy who owns his own BBQ, rub and wood smoking distribution business. He gave me this bag of hard...
  10. Richard S

    Chucks down and so am I!

    It’s been way too long since I’ve done a Chuck roast and it’s one of my favorite things to cook. But the last year + they’ve been at $7 a pound in these parts and that is just ridiculous. Finally got a roast at my market for under $4 a pound and it was time to get to work! Rubbed with my special...
  11. Richard S

    3 Chops and a Chuckeye walk into a bar…

    Got some big chops today and then realized I had a Chuckeye in my fridge that had been there for over a week! No worries! Kids were hungry! Also picked some figs and did a quick sear with olive oil and salt!
  12. Richard S

    Pizza 🍕 on Performer…all the way!

    So a quick disclaimer…I had a great pizza making partner last night. I basically made the drinks and managed the fire 🔥! I’ve been pretty obsessed with getting my temps up for pizza. I’ve been scouring this site (Thanks Rich G) and YouTube! Last night it all came together! This is the Italian...
  13. Richard S

    The Sirloin 🥩 complete meal!

    Just a beautiful night to grill on the Performer! Started it off with one of my favorite beers!Put the steaks 🥩 on the counter with some olive oil and Worcestershire and killed some time… Put some cauliflower in the oven and had some help with some amazing fresh mozzarella and tomatoes 🍅 and...
  14. Richard S

    Orange glazed drummers with Frank’s and 🍒

    Took some drummers and did a counter marinade of lemonade and Frank’s. Put them on performer with a dash of an all purpose rub I make and some cherry 🍒.Just let them go indirect until I get the color I like. Usually about 35-40 minutes at about 375Hit them with an Orange 🍊and soy glaze and...
  15. Richard S

    Rogue River cabin cooking

    Did a few cooks over the long weekend. The steaks/mole/tomato combo was pure joy!
  16. Richard S

    Peppery and Peachy 🍑 Pork roast

    Went with some major coarse pepper on the rub…nice spice with peach 🍑 wood! Pulled at about 143
  17. Richard S

    Central Cascade wilderness cooks!

    Got to spend a few more nights in the woods with the trusted Baby Q!
  18. Richard S

    Camping ⛺️ grub

    Just a few shots…fire ban at the campground. Luckily I brought the Baby Q! S’mores were still in play!
  19. Richard S

    Wedding Rehearsal butts

    My friend’s daughter is getting married today and she asked me to do the pulled pork for her rehearsal dinner last night. I did about 30 pounds. Did two on the WSM and one on the performer. Went very heavy on the wood with predominately hickory but also a fair amount of peach. Probably used 10...
  20. Richard S

    Tomahawks at the cabin!

    I planned this event over a year ago and it finally happened last weekend. Celebrating a very nice change in my personal life that was a long time coming (I will let you all speculate what that might be 😬) I had six close friends for some cabin time and tomahawk! This was my first time doing...