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  1. Richard Garcia

    Today’s Costa Rican Lunch

    We have some great leftovers for tomorrow! The added sides were a green salad with tomatoes and avocado topped with a Commercial Caesar Salad Dressing.
  2. Richard Garcia

    Our “Tico” Lunch The other Day

    Continues to be “Life-Is-Good”!
  3. Richard Garcia

    WSM Roast

    If I bbq this boneless beef roast weighing around 5 lbs in my WSM 18” at around a 250F temperature how many hours before reaching an internal temperature of around 200F?
  4. Richard Garcia

    Rotisserie Roast

    Should I Tie-up with kitchen string this Boneless Serloin Roast weighing around five(5) lbs before “spinning-it” on my Cajun Bandit Rotisserie.
  5. Richard Garcia

    Last Sunday’s Lunch

    Yummy Costa Rican pork chop,beef steak, chorizos,corn and sausage
  6. Richard Garcia

    Price of Beef

    Reported recently in our Local Nightly New Cast; Due to the many recent price increase(s) of Beef Cuts here in Costa Rica many "Ticos" are switching to Chicken and Pork. What's doing in your neck of the woods regarding the price of Beef and do you grill-up some beef at least once-a-week?? The...
  7. Richard Garcia

    Last Week’s Pork Chop and Chicken Drumsticks

    This Costa Rican lunch turned-out great. As I have stated many times on this forum that my Weber Performer Deluxe fitted with a SlowNSear Plus,Easy Spin Grate and their Drip and Griddle pan are real winners. I had my local butcher cut-me the 1 1/2” thick pork chop pictured and another chop was...
  8. Richard Garcia

    Life is Good

    Yesterday’s Costa Rican lunch for the Wife’s Family and us enjoyed by all.
  9. Richard Garcia

    Last Week’s Lunch in Costa Rica

    More tasty Costa Rican beef and Chorizo spritzed with a equal mixture of OJ and Teriyaki Sauce and when plated the wife served-up some very tasty Mash Potatoes and Veggies. I Really like the pictured Grill Grate which lets you direct grill the beef over the lighted charcoal portion of the...
  10. Richard Garcia

    Latest Costa Rican Lunch

    More Costa Rican Chicken and "Papas Asadas".
  11. Richard Garcia


    My Weber Performer Deluxe 22" is wanting the "Killa Grilla" Stainless Steel Grill, however, it will cost me $115 for the grill and another $110 for shiipping to Costa Rica and the Costa Rican Custom Duties for a total cost of around $225. OUCH! Why am I asking?; I am really leaning towards...
  12. Richard Garcia

    Costa Rican Chicken

    Pictured was our tasty lunch last week and in that plastic flask is a equal mixture of Teriyaki Sauce and fresh Orange Juice which I squirt on the chicken/meat around every 15 minutes or so which produces a very moist outcome.
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  15. Richard Garcia

    Rivet Removal on a WSM Pre-2009

    What is the best way to remove the Rivits holding the Four(4) Vent Dampers on my WSM "Classic" that I bought new in the year 2008 as I want to replace them with new Vent Dampers??
  16. Richard Garcia

    WHAT'S UP???

    Yesterday I Paid a visit to one of my favorite Costa Rican Weber Authorized Dealerships in order to purchase some Weber Candle Lighters. I was taken-back a little in finding that they had only two(2) Webers displayed for sale(a WeberQ Electric and Weber E-6 Kamoda Grills). In my previous visit...
  17. Richard Garcia

    Another Costa Rican Lunch Sessions

    Our Lunch last Tuesday and Wednesday here in Costa Rica. Our twelve(12) year old Ex-Street Pup "Manchas" also enjoyed the tasty Salmon and Beef and then took his nap. Manchas has been with us for around eleven(11) happy years. Under the Aluminum Foil are some tasty "Taters". Oh, the Beef...
  18. Richard Garcia

    WOULD YOU????

    Yesterday I passed-by one of our Weber Costa Rican Dealerships to survey what grills were-on-hand. Low and behold I came-across the 24" Weber Summit Kamado E-6 Grill with a price tag of $1425. I think I can get this price lowered-a-bit by paying cash, but, circling in my head is this more of...
  19. Richard Garcia

    Chicken "Mojo"

    Six(6) Tasty Whole Chicken Legs marinated overnight with "Salsa Goya Mojo"and Inside the Foil was some Tasty Costa Rican Veggies. My Trusty Weber Performer Deluxe filled with 3/4 Full lit "Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal" in a Weber Regular Chimney maintained a temperature of around 375F for...
  20. Richard Garcia

    Weber Q 3200

    Yesterday I received a notice from a local Costa Rican Weber Authorized Dealership that a shipment of Weber Q 3200 will be arriving here by the end of the month. I am wanting to add my first gasser to my BBQ Arsenal which now consists of a Weber Performer Deluxe, WSM 18" Classic and Weber Smoky...