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  1. Arun L.

    Pork chop question.

    I went shopping for this recipe. The recipe called for 4 bone in pork chops. There was only one pack of bone in pork chops, and there were only 3 pork chops in it. I saw other packs of boneless pork chops, which had...
  2. Arun L.

    Garlic chicken?

    Does anyone have a good garlic chicken recipe (using fresh garlic, not powder)? Whether it's part of a marinade, or rub, etc. Just something that tastes very garlicky. (@Joan, this recipe you posted below has always tasted lemony to me, I can never taste the garlic. But that's ok, I like it...
  3. Arun L.

    Coffee rubbed pork?

    I'm considering one of these recipes. 1) What's better, the pork roast one or the pork chop one? 2) Is it possible to smoke it, or is that a bad idea? I guess I'm...
  4. Arun L.

    Sous vide question.

    I was given a sous vide this year. I've used it a few times for meats and vegetables. A question, though. I have 1 lb. of chicken breast tenders in a bag. They submerge into the water with little effort. When I try vegetables, whether 1 lb. of peas, or a bunch of asparagus, they float...
  5. Arun L.

    How many therms are in a propane tank?

    The natural gas company measures gas used in therms. If I want to compare how much propane gas is in a 15 lb. tank, then how many therms are in a 15 lb. tank? I figure a few people on here might have done the same calculation before, so I could get a better answer here, then by a random...
  6. Arun L.

    Light bulb in vent hood.

    I have an Allure by Broan vent hood. I want to change the light bulb, I don't like the soft white light bulb color. I want cool daylight. What type of light bulb does it take? I can't read the label on the current light bulbs, they are too faded.
  7. Arun L.

    Inside Out Egg Sandwich?

    I used to know how to make this, but messed it up the last two times I made it, last year. This is a sandwich where the egg enclosed the bread, so it's on the outside. 99.9% of the things I make always have instructions and a recipe. This is one of the few that doesn't have instructions...
  8. Arun L.

    Cracked / broken pumpkin roll.

    I've always had trouble making this. It almost always breaks, when I try to roll the pumpkin cake together. The last time I made this, which was in 2017, was the only time I was able to roll it with minimal breaking. However, today, yet again, it falls apart. Today, the problem seemed to be...
  9. Arun L.

    Smoked Chicken: February 07, 2021.

    After several attempts since 2017, in February of 2019, I finally made exactly what I was looking for. The "perfect" smoked chicken to me, lots of smoke flavor, and also good seasoning flavor too. I thought I had finally figured it out, using tips from others I had accumulated over the years...
  10. Arun L.


    The 2nd to last time I made shrimp, was in August 2019. They had been in a wet marinade. I used skewers, don't recall any issues. Here's a pic from then. In February of this year, I was making a different marinade recipe. When I was putting the shrimp on the skewers, they would break...
  11. Arun L.

    Shower extension arm?

    Is there a shower extension arm, 5 inches or less, that points downward? I don't want to replace the arm that comes from the wall. I just want to extend and change the angle of the arm from the wall, so it's downward. Right now I changed the shower head (which does also swivel now), and while...
  12. Arun L.

    Ovens with Air Fryer mode.

    If anyone has a Big Oven with an Air Fryer mode, what does everyone think? Does anyone have any exact times and temperatures they follow? I got an oven with such a mode last month. It wasn't the main reason why I bought it, but it was a bonus that nudged me toward that model. I'm not sure...
  13. Arun L.

    Fresh vs. Dried Basil.

    I made a roasted vegetable lasagna, and the recipe called for fresh basil, so I used it. The basil was used in the ricotta - spinach layer. I had a little bit of dried basil left in a spice jar. Does fresh basil taste better than dried basil? I'm also trying to decide if should buy dried...
  14. Arun L.

    Photobook services recommendations.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for someone that can take a physical album, scan the images, and create a photobook? Not a lot of people will do the scanning. I've found a few that will, but I haven't decided on anyone yet. I have 7 albums in total that I want done, but I'm starting with 2...
  15. Arun L.

    Thinner pizza crust.

    I found a pizza dough recipe that I really like. The ones before it were pretty good too, but the one I tried in May 2020 I like more. However, any pizza I've ever made the past 3.5+ years has always been a little thick. No matter what I do, I can't seem to make it thinner. I let it rise for...
  16. Arun L.

    Whole turkey breasts.

    Since it was just a few of us for Thanksgiving this year, my brother in law grilled whole turkey breasts, instead of buying a whole turkey. They came out good. Where can I find whole turkey breasts? I tried Safeway a few days ago, but couldn't find them.
  17. Arun L.

    What type of ink is this called?

    This is from a pen. I want to find a replacement fine point one. I ordered a few "ball point" ink refills, but after receiving them, I realized that's the wrong item. Those need to be in pens with springs. What type of this ink is this called?
  18. Arun L.

    City Ham on Weber Smokey Mountain.

    I wasn't the thread starter, but from the middle to the end of this thread, I had asked about cooking a ham. I had never done one before. I ended up getting a ready to eat 1/2 ham with shank from Burger's Smokehouse. I put it on the WSM. It...
  19. Arun L.

    Live streaming cooks.

    Does anyone ever live stream their cooks, via Twitch or some other platform?
  20. Arun L.

    Wireless Door Bell.

    From early 2017 until today, I had a wireless doorbell with 55 chimes. The only chime I kept it on was "The Ants Go Marching In". It stopped working today. It also used a hard to find A23 battery, which seemed to last less than a year. Is there any other replacement out there? Something...