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  1. Richard Garcia

    Our “Tico” Lunch The other Day

    Yeh,and that dark spot on the plate was some tasty grilled eggplant and in the glass was the wife’s Refreshing Mango Drink. All our veggies,eggs and fruit are purchased at our local Costa Rican farmer’s market each Sunday Morning.
  2. Richard Garcia

    Today’s Costa Rican Lunch

    We have some great leftovers for tomorrow! The added sides were a green salad with tomatoes and avocado topped with a Commercial Caesar Salad Dressing.
  3. Richard Garcia

    Our “Tico” Lunch The other Day

    Continues to be “Life-Is-Good”!
  4. Richard Garcia

    WSM Roast

    I decided this Beef Roast was too time consuming this day to bbq on my WSM with my limited energy so pulled out our trusty Crockpot and result was more than satisfactory for some tasty sandwiches! Many thanx to those Forum Members that replied to this thread.
  5. Richard Garcia

    WSM Roast

    Kind of eye of round and thanx for recommendation.
  6. Richard Garcia

    WSM Roast

    If I bbq this boneless beef roast weighing around 5 lbs in my WSM 18” at around a 250F temperature how many hours before reaching an internal temperature of around 200F?
  7. Richard Garcia

    Rotisserie Roast

    I gather that a big roast could fall-apart if untied? Best and easiest way to tie a Roast? Thanx for your reply,
  8. Richard Garcia

    Rotisserie Roast

    Should I Tie-up with kitchen string this Boneless Serloin Roast weighing around five(5) lbs before “spinning-it” on my Cajun Bandit Rotisserie.
  9. Richard Garcia

    Last Sunday’s Lunch

    Yummy Costa Rican pork chop,beef steak, chorizos,corn and sausage
  10. Richard Garcia

    Can someone school me on the SS performer? What makes it desirable?

    I am still on my 1lb propane cylinder which was first connected to my then new Weber Performer Deluxe in January, 2020. Of course; I do mix-up the lighting of the Charcoal with those Weber Burner Cubes more often than not.
  11. Richard Garcia

    Q1200 In Coming

    Colin: After sixteen(16) years of marriage to my "better half" I will try to apply some of your "LOGIC" on my next BBQ Purchase:rolleyes: I too was wanting a WeberQ 1200 but cancelled this order yesterday after some failed "negotiation" with the "Boss".
  12. Richard Garcia

    Travelers on sale. $249

    Thanx to all that replied to my question regarding the propane cylinder. Me and the Costa Rican WeberQ Salesmen have agreed to a price of $318.00 out-the-door over WhatsApp. I will be picking-up this New WeberQ 1200 next Monday, 09/12/22. This is the same Costa Rican Weber Authorized Dealership...
  13. Richard Garcia

    Travelers on sale. $249

    Bruce; thanx for your reply and how many grilling sessions can you have before needing to change the 1lb cylinders? I have crowded space and not wanting to add the much larger propane gas tank?
  14. Richard Garcia

    Rotisserie Pork Loin

    Nice "Spin"; I too have a Rotisserie Set-up for my Weber Performer Deluxe but it's been a long while since I last spun some meat on it. I am considering of adding another Weber Charcoal Kettle to my BBQ Arsenal strictly for easing the "Cajun Bandit" Rotisserie Set-up and making more use of this...
  15. Richard Garcia

    Travelers on sale. $249

    Regarding the small 1 lb. Propane gas cylinders; will any brand easily connect to the WeberQ 1200?
  16. Richard Garcia

    Travelers on sale. $249

    Mike: Thanx for this information with these great photos of the WeberQ1200. My stumbling block in an immediate purchase is my "better-half" who prefers charcoal grilled goodies from my three(3) Weber charcoal units. We have been invited to many of her brother's Gas grilling sessions which has...
  17. Richard Garcia

    Options to resurface or replace the Weber Performer Grill table

    On another thread it was posted that the warranty on a new registered Weber Performer table is two(2) years from date of purchase.
  18. Richard Garcia

    Travelers on sale. $249

    Mike; Thinking of buying a new Q1200 here in Costa Rica at a "bargain" cost of $310.00:rolleyes: This will be the first gasser added to my present BBQ Charcoal Arsenal which includes a WSM 18" "Classic" bought new in year 2008, Weber Performer Deluxe and Weber Smoky Joe. I feel this would be a...
  19. Richard Garcia

    1st time taking GrillGrates on vacation

    I have the stock-set for my Weber Smoky Joe and 3 separate panels for my Weber Performer Deluxe which I purchased a couple of years back and as of today remain one happy "Grill Grates Customer":)