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  1. DuaneMac

    National Fajita, Pinot Noir day!

    Two of my favorites! Did some chicken thighs using @Brett-EDH Pollo Asado marinade with some poblano, jalapeños and onions. And of course Pinot Noir!
  2. DuaneMac

    Pics of some recent cooks

    Nothing out of the ordinary but all were very good. Easy summer cooks! First up! Surf n’ Turf- ribeye, king crab and fettuccine Alfredo Grilled chicken breast Caprese Lamb chops marinated with fresh herbs And a couple seafood pasta dishes. One was a light tomato sauce, the other just...
  3. DuaneMac

    Nice Genesis 2000 in NJ

    Just saw this on FB, looks like it’s in nice shape. One of you North Jersey guys need to get this!
  4. DuaneMac

    First Picanha OMG!

    I’ve been lusting after this cut for a while. Thanks to Wild Fork, I was able to obtain one! I chose their Choice Black Angus. The flavor and tenderness were amazing! I decided to use the rotisserie with one charcoal basket. I scored the fat cap and applied a liberal amount of S&P, that’s it. It...
  5. DuaneMac

    Pastrami and BIG beef ribs

    Saturday I did pastrami on the WSM. Soaked a corned beef in water overnight then hit it with cracked coriander, black pepper and garlic powder. Sliced it and made Reuben sandwiches. Today it was beef plate ribs and ABT’s. A 6.66 lb. rack from Wild Fork. Just S&P on them. Took off after 7...
  6. DuaneMac

    Italian stuffed flank steak

    I usually use flank for fajitas or Chinese stir-fry but decided to do something different last night. After being butterflied and marinated, it got spread with pesto, followed by a layer of prosciutto, roasted red pepper and provolone. Rolled it up and browned it over direct heat then moved...
  7. DuaneMac

    Easter lamb cake

    It’s not Easter in our house without the lamb cake! The mold is from grandmom, seems like cast aluminum or something. Griswold made one in cast iron but ours is not marked at all. Nordicware still makes a cheaper modern version. We just use a boxed pound cake mix and cream cheese icing. Then...
  8. DuaneMac

    Genesis refrigerator magnet

    I love this thing! I don’t remember where I got it, does anyone have one or know it’s history? Did Weber make it or was it a promotional item for something else? I love the food on the grill.
  9. DuaneMac

    Carne Asada Burritos

    After seeing @Michael Richards recent post I decided to do a flank steak tonight. Just used a store bought marinade. Meat was cooked on the Performer with some poblano peppers/onions on the griddle. Wrapped as burritos with some avocados, salsa, queso and chips. Thanks for the inspiration!
  10. DuaneMac

    I’m a rare duck!

    I’ve always roasted a duck like a chicken. A few years ago I was at a restaurant and ordered duck breast, the waitress asked how I wanted it cooked. She said that it should be done the same as steak. I like mine rare, so that’s what I got. It was amazing and opened up a whole new world to me...
  11. DuaneMac

    If it sounds too good to be true…

    …it usually is! My buddy just told me he ordered an S-435 for $100, seems suspicious to me. He said what does he have to loose! I said that I’d be more concerned about giving my CC info. I’m anxious to see what happens! P.T. Barnum was right! What do you guys think?
  12. DuaneMac

    First Vortex roasted chicken

    I finally used the vertical roaster stand that I bought a couple months ago! First off let me say that I’m a big rotisserie guy but I think the skin was much crispier using this method. I went with a lemon-herb flavor. Made a compound butter with fresh rosemary, thyme, minced garlic and lemon...
  13. DuaneMac

    Stir fry on the Performer using discado

    I picked up a flank steak the other day, I was thinking either Mexican (fajitas) or Asian (stir fry). I flipped a coin, stir fry it is! I put the meat in the freezer for 30 minutes then sliced it thinly across the grain. Then in a quick marinade of 1T soy sauce, 1T white wine and 3T corn...
  14. DuaneMac

    $20 Score!

    A woman a mile from my house was selling this, I couldn't resist! A quarter sized chip on the lower bowl and the ash catcher is missing. It has a brand new never used grill grate. It's a '99 EE 18" SWMBO just rolled hers eyes...again! [/URL][/IMG]
  15. DuaneMac

    $20 CL Score!

    A woman a mile from my house was selling this, I couldn't resist! A quarter sized chip on the lower bowl and the ash catcher is missing. It has a brand new never used grill grate. It's a '99 EE. SWMBO just rolled hers eyes...again! [/URL][/IMG]
  16. DuaneMac

    1998 Genesis 3000 from CL

    Just picked this up Saturday, it's in really good shape. Burners look almost new and just a little surface rust on the frame. It was sitting in a storage unit for years. This is my first restoration so I'm glad it's in decent shape. I'll post more pics when I start taking it apart. I hope the...
  17. DuaneMac

    New C&B Performer

    Found this on CL Monday only 6 miles from my house. Got it for $150, it was filthy! After a couple hours work it almost looks brand new. I'm thrilled to have it.
  18. DuaneMac

    Hello from PA

    Hi everyone. I was on TWVB yesterday to see if the 2016 "Smoke Day" t-shirts were available when I decided to join the forum. I've had a WSM 18 for 4 years now. It was a birthday present from my girlfriend, I still tell her it was the best present I ever got! I'm always smoking something on it...