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    My first ABT's

    Be still my heart...... I did my first ABT's; the whole family was totaly alarmed... they were quite sure that the dad had lost his border crossing mind... I bought a chile holder kinda thing online... it came with a cool "rooter rooter" tool designed just for jalapenos.. I cut the top off...
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    Weber 2290 22-1/2-Inch Charcoal Kettle Rotisserie

    Will the Weber 2290 22-1/2-Inch Charcoal Kettle Rotisserie fit on the WSM 22.5? AND the performer?
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    ABT's on WSM

    ABT's on WSM I am going to make some ABT's with the little smokies this batch.... Can these be done on lower rack of a 22.5"? I will be doing St Louis Ribs on top rack; expect to cook at about 225-250 max.... will the bacon get done at that temp on lower rack? and suggestions welcomed.. How long...
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    Ralph has lost his mind... Gonna do a fatty

    OK, I am on a roll(no pun intended).... I am about to head for the deep end of the pool.... I am going to do a fatty on my lower rack this weekend... I am going to start with Jimmy Dean sausage roll (not sure if hot or mild yet; comments invited). I know that Vidalia onions will be in it, I am...
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    I take it ALL back...... 22.5" is NOT too big

    I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT !!!!!!!!!! This week when I laid out all those baby backs and they all FIT on the rack,flat, without any kinky stuff; then when I laid out a LARGE BRISKET and it all FIT in the middle without hanging over the edges..... suddenly it was all so clear LOL BIGGER IS BETTER...
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    Ralph's First Ever Brisket

    I am so proud of my first brisket that I just had to share a pic of it with my new friends on this site.... It was a 7# flat only; I did not use a rub; just fresh ground black pepper, sea salt and Costcos Mesquite Seasoning (everybody needs some of this in their cupboard)... I started it with...
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    What brand remote thermometer?

    Hi Guys; I am one happy new WSM 22.5 owner; long time WSM fan.... I am looking for advice on what brand/model of remote thermometer I should get for my butts and briskets.... I need at minimum; meat temperature sensor; do any have cooker temperature options too? Thanks for anything you can...