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    Chicken Breast?

    I had a great Easter Chicken Smoke (high temp) and explained to my wife how these pieces (thighs and legs) work so well due to the type of meat that they are. We are doing chicken for the family again this weekend and have been requested to add chicken breast to the mix. I have told her that...
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    How Many WSM's do you have?

    After reading about your seasoning tips, techniques, etc. I started wondering how many WSM's do you own? Do you have any in the "bullpen" getting seasoned?
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    Automated Temperature Control - Stoker Setup

    This is next on my list of goodies. What setup i.e. Number of pits, number of foods, etc. do you have? What do you like about the setup / unit? What would you do different (in terms of setup)? My wife throws my quote back ("that the WSM is awesome at maintaining solid temps. for long periods...
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    Thanks For the Way to Grill Book Chris

    Was on vacation when the drawing was announced. Got the book the other day. It is awesome! Thanks again for a quality web site.
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    First Cook on 22.5 WSM

    I have used my 18.5 several times over the last two years. I used the 22.5 WSM I got this spring. I did a smoke for a graduation party. 50 lbs pork. 4 lbs of beans, sauce, etc. Things I noticed: Used a little more charcoal, started minion with full lit chimney, (I did the empty water...
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    Weber Wok Sauce

    My wife got a Weber Wok for me as a present (for the charcoal). I have been wanting to do some dishes such as pepper steak, thai chicken, etc. I have had trouble finding solid base sauces and or recipes that would be good for these dishes. Is there anything in the new book that could help or...
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    Website / Book

    Your website used to be comprehensive in terms of the entire 5 Step Method. I tried to go back to the website before posting the topic and noticed that it is totally redone. It only has Step 1 listed as an option to view. Will the other steps be added online or is the main website a teaser...
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    Friday Is My Day: Got it!: Quick thoughts on the 22.5

    Major gambit has payed off! 6 Discover Cashback Bonuses - $300.00 (total) 2 Giftcards - $65.00 (total) $65.00 from my snow shoveling at my in-laws house. Ordering my 22.5 WSM and expecting the newest member of my bbq'n family this Friday.....Priceless! GOT IT FRIDAY-SOME THOUGHTS: 1. I...
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    I have been having great success with two pork butts 7-8 lbs over a 14-15 lb brisket. I am wanting to add some sausage or links to the mix and have a couple questions: #1 What type of sausage is good to smoke? Brats, Kielbasa, German Sausage? or any others? I am not wanting to make my own...