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    Has Anyone on the Board Competed-with WSM and Won

    Nice looking hardware Smooth Smoke Team...... very nice... congratulations
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    Tear Jerker's *****

    This song always gives me goose bumps and watery eyes Lee Greenwood... God Bless the USA
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    Tear Jerker's *****

    Especially if it's sung by George Beverly Shea... He owns that song
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    How Much Food Can I Stuff Onto A 22.5 OTG? Let's see......

    I did a cook for our church last summer and I cooked 8 pork butts on my 22.5. I did place them on their end, but they turned out great. There were several times when I was pulling all eight of them, that I questioned why I volunteered '-) So I know that you can put a lot in one.
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    Smoked stuffed burgers

    Why didn't I think of that? Great idea, can't wait to try it... Thanks
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    Canning BBQ sauce

    I always heat mine using the hot bath method in boiling water for 35 minutes, I have been doing it for years with great results. It really makes life a lot easier to make larger batches; especially if you have several sauces. I usually do a KC style, Memphis style and Carolina Red style. It's...
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    Orange Marmalade Sriracha Wings

    I get mine at Krogers, it is in the international foods section. Most major supermarkets carry it. It has a green cap and rooster on the bottle.
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    David Fletcher Here

    Welcome Dave, you are gonna love this place.
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    Soon to be WSM Owner

    You are going to love your WSM. I have a 22.5, but many times I am just cooking for two. I am debating on an 18.5 which I could use with my 22.5 if I were doing a big party cook; or just go with the 14.5. I do not have a guru, and have had no problems holding whatever temperate I want. You will...
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    4 meats on one WSM 22.5

    I think you would have a lot less stress and probably higher scores if you found someone who would loan you his WSM. Having two would make it manageable IMHO. I have 22.5 and usually do two, sometimes three at a time. One big meat, brisket or butt, and ribs or chicken. I have pulled and foiled...
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    I want to go to the Jack in 2014

    Chris, you can also fly into Chattanooga if you get better air fares.... The contest is held right off the square. I was surprised at just how small the area really is. The cook sites and vendors booths do cover a pretty good area, but the town square is pretty small. There is parking lot at...
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    Sams 2014?

    Is anyone in this forum competing in the Atlanta event? I would like to come by and say hello.
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    Any good chicken thigh recipes for smoking?

    When I smoke thighs, I always save some to make the best smoked chicken salad you ever tasted. Just pull 3 or 4 off and strip the chicken from the bone, chop into good chicken salad size chunks and refrigerate until you are ready to make it. I have frozen the set aside chunks for use later with...
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    best dry rub recipe - pork ribs

    Recipe for Rendezvous-style Rub, Memphis, Tennessee It is probably the most famous “dry rub” rib place in the world. There are others in Memphis that many think are better. But this is the Grand-daddy. This is a reverse engineered recipe done by Meathead. As you can imagine, they do not publish...
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    Orange Marmalade Sriracha Wings

    Lombardi trophy should be Larry Wolf Trophy.... AWESOME super bowl WINGS recipe For the last five years I have been invited to more super bowl parties than you can image. It's not that I am such an awesome guest... LOL, It's because about five years ago, on this site. I stumbled across the...
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    Fat Johnny's Bastardized Piedmont Sauce

    Keri, Thanks so much for posting this recipe. I have been meaning to thank you for years. This is absolutely THE BEST sauce you will ever use for pulled pork. IMHO ;-) I have never served this without getting rave reviews and people begging for the recipe or for some sauce to take home. I have...
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    Miss Piggy Mustard Sauce

    This is a great South Carolina style mustard bbq sauce. It belongs in your sauce recipe tool kit. I use sriracha sauce for the hot sauce. If you haven't tried sriracha you are missing out. It is available in the international food section of most Kroger stores. Add this to your Kansas City style...
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    grill cleaning, the easy way

    I wish my oven could accomodate my 22.5 WSM grates; there are about half inch to big to fit in. I love your system ;-)
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    Foodsaver $30 off coupon - Costco

    If you shop at warehouse clubs; you NEED a Food-Saver. I can not tell you how much I use mine.
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    Orange Marmalade Sriracha Wings

    I am going to do this with pineapple tomorrow.... I picked up some crushed pineapple, going to sugar it and cook it down then add other ingredients.... hoping to kind of get that Hui Hui effect.... I don't exactly know why I am doing this, because the orange marmalade ones were just...