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    Pork Belly Burnt Ends

    Hi all- I am excited to try Pork Belly burnt ends on my 22" WSM on Saturday. The recipes I see all call for cubing the belly and smoking for the first 2 hours on a grill pan or cooling tray. Anyone have a reco on one that fits well on the WSM 22"? Also, for anyone that has done this before, I am...
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    Dry pulled pork- any thoughts?

    I did two pork butts (boneless from Costco) on my wsm 22.5 yesterday for a fundraising comp. I didn't place great, and I did notice the meat was a little dry (at least drier than the last cook I did at home.) The butts ran for 12-14 hours. I pulled the first one at 192 and the second one at 186...
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    Rookie Question- Prepping Meat on Site

    Forgive me for the really novice question, but I was curious how people go about the process of rinsing the meat if you don't have a trailer/rig with running water. Do folks do the cleaning and trimming before they get to the competition site? Is this even allowed by KCBS rules? I have my first...
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    4 Pork Butts on WSM 22"

    Hey y'all- I am cueing 4 pork butts this weekend on the WSM 22. This is my 2nd time doing the boneless butts from Costco, and remembered the last time that the butts on the top grate cooked faster. Given that I only have 2 probes, is it safe to assume that the top grate always cooks faster? My...
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    5 Hours into Reknowned Mr Brown and Meat Getting Close to 190

    Hey y'all- I am 5 hours into the cook and the temp from the 10 lb bone-in butt is approaching 180 and the boneless butt is getting close to 170. Seems like this is cooking much quicker than I anticipated (and I've told people to be prepared for meat at 6pm- 10 hours from now). Is this normal and...
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    How Many Coscto Pork Butts fit on the top rack?

    Hey y'all- I am doing my first pork butts this weekend for my wife's bday party and had two questions. We'll have 40-50 people so I'll be doing 4 pork boneless pork butts from Coscto. I also will be smoking some baked beans so my hope was to fit all the pork butts on the top rack and have the...