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    ABT's & Wings Question

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm going with ABT's on the bottom rack, and wings on the upper 2 racks. No water and 1 cup of apple wood chips. The rub I'll be using for the wings has a little bit of white sugar in it. Should I be concerned with it burning at target temps of 325-350? Is this...
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    ABT's & Wings Question

    Has anyone cooked ABT's at the 275-350 degree as mentioned by Glenn? Cooking without water would be a first so I'm assuming temps will run hotter as a whole with the bottom grate now being hotter than top grate. Am I correct on this? I'm going to be camping with a bunch of guys when I do this...
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    Pete's Second Annual Memorial Day Barbecue Music, Booze and Beer Survey

    Hey Steve, I went to the beach site for music and I don't see anything playing. Do you have to be a member? Thanks, Paul
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    ABT's & Wings Question

    Hey guys and gals, I'm planning on cooking some ABT's and chicken wings for smoke day. I'm going to cook about 4 pounds of wings on my 22 WSM using the top grate plus an additional one situated on that one. The ABT's will go on the bottom grate. I'll be shooting for temps in the 225-250 range...
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    Question About Grommets for Temp Probe Wires

    I ordered the eyelets a few days ago but they haven't arrived yet. I did a butt over the weekend and I had the wires going through the top vent. For me it's a hassle doing it this way and I can't wait to intall the eyelets. Paul
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    Mother's Day BBQ - First Pork Butt

    I hope the links to the pictures work. I decided to do my first over-nighter and my first pork butt. I bought a 12 lb pork shoulder from my local butcher and after trimming it weighed in at 11.3 lbs. I rubbed it with Chris Lilly's rub and smoked it with cherry wood for about 17 hours. Overall...
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    Mother's Day Q

    I plan on doing my first over-nighter and my first pork butt. We'll see how it turns out.
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    Piedmont Sauce Substitute Question

    In Windsor we sell a lot of the same varieties as the U.S however Ray's would be considered more of a *special* bbq sauce and that's probably why we don't sell it. I'll have a look around for something sweet with a little heat and see how it goes. Thanks, Paul
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    Piedmont Sauce Substitute Question

    I'd like to make this sauce for pulled pork on mother's day however I live in Canada and I cannot get a hold of Sweet Baby Ray's sauce. Does anyone know of a suitable substitute? I have not tried Ray's sauce so I'm not sure what it tastes like so picking a replacement is just guessing for me...
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    Welcome back Dennis and thank you very much for your service! Paul
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    Rotisserie Rib Roast

    My local butcher has rib roasts for $4.99/lb everyday. Meat usually costs more in Canada but at least I can count on this price.
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    7 bone rib roast

    I have not cooked a rib roast on my new WSM as of yet but I have cooked several on my Weber One-Touch. I have always cooked it in the 275 - 350 range. I know this is a big temp variation but the One-Touch is a chore to keep stable temps. Ideally I like to cook a rib roast at 325. I usually...
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    20# of Pork Butt

    Now that's some meat!
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    2010 changes 0n 22.5 WSM

    Thanks Tim. I'll check mine and see if any of them are smaller than they need to be. Paul
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    2010 changes 0n 22.5 WSM

    Does anyone know what the dimensions are supposed to be for the 3 grates on the 22 WSM? My top grate has to be placed with care or it will not be on all 4 brackets. Paul
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    Sunday Q Extravaganza (pic heavy)

    Rich, Great looking photos and that's one mean looking cast iron pot Paul
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    First Smoke - Ribs

    Thanks for the website Allen. I checked my elevation and the boiling point is 211 so it's a little off. I'm not sure why both thermometers were off by 6 degrees. Paul
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    First Smoke - Ribs

    Well, I just wanted to give an update to my first smoke. I ended up starting with 1.5 chimneys of ML briquettes with 30 lit ones. I added the 3 slabs right after adding the lit charcoal. Here is my log so far with temps coming from the lid thermometer which registered 205 degrees in boling...
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    Another Thermometer Question (WSM 22.5 Only)

    I just checked my lid thermometer on my new 22 WSM. Code is AD on the top vent if that helps you at all. Anyways, I have 1 tab on the thermometer but I have 2 holes on the lid. Not to sure why this is. Take care, Paul
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    First Smoke - Ribs

    Hello all, I've been lurking around for a quite some time and I finally made the plunge and purchased a 22 WSM. I checked the lid thermometer in boiling water and it read 205 degrees. I also checked a probe type thermometer that I've been using and it read 205 as well. I know it's a little low...