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    Before and after using SIMPLE GREEN and 0000 Steel wool

    Well i took everyones advice and used Steel Wool and Simple Green on the Cover of my Weber E 320 which is 10 Years old... here are the pictures. Before...
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    Weber # 88217 part... need to locate the 3 screws...!!

    Here is the Schematic... the 3 screws i need are part number 88217... having a hard time finding them! It's what they call the hardware for the burner tubes --- 32 88217 Hardware for burner tubes, Genesis '09 any help...
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    Grilling over charcoal is objectively, scientifically better than grilling over gas

    Here is an article from Wired... Charcoal or GAS...!!
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    Ready for the NHL Playoffs...
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    E 320 Genesis conversion Natural Gas over to Propane...!!!

    Hey everyone, just moved from my house i have owned for 10+ years and moved into a Condo with no natural gas. Have to switch over to Propane... or purchase a propane grill...!! I have the Weber E 320 Genesis black Natural gas... 42,000 BTU main burners ... 12,000 BTU side burner Part # 3851001...
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    BBQ alll year long...!!!

    Hey everyone, just wanted to say hi and to let you know i have owned a Weber for many, many years..! I currently have the Weber E 320 Genesis black... Part # 3851001, Serial # **1241306. I have had my Weber up and running at my house for over 10 years, but i just moved into a Condo complex and...