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  1. J

    Good looking restore The price is high but it’s really nice to look at.
  2. J

    Hanging on the WSM

    I have watched the PBC craze from the sideline the last few years. I almost bought a used one for $150 last fall but decided not to pull the trigger. I felt it was a fair deal, I just could not get over the fact that I have 3 WSMs, and the feeling that it was too similar to what I already had...
  3. J

    What would you pay for a used Ranch Kettle in excellent condition?

    Hi everyone. I have been a member here for a decade or so, and I lurk much more than I post. Like all of you, I have the grill collection disease. Something clicked in me a month ago and I am letting the excess go, and it has been liberating. I have sold two large big green eggs, and two...
  4. J

    Like new 14.5" WSM - $80

    Reluctantly thinning the herd. This has been used twice, lived in the garage the rest of the time:
  5. J

    Which Genesis is better: north/south burners, or east/west burners?

    I am trying to decide. I am doing a heat up test. I have owned the east/west burner configuration for a few years and loved it. I recently came into a north/south configuration. I am testing heat up speed first, but wanted to get opinions of those that possibly had one and then the other...
  6. J

    26" for $100

    This is slightly banged up as the previous owners Weber summit flew into this one during a pretty aggressive storm. He filed an insurance claim and has a new summit and 26 on the way. I don't need it but I have an addiction so it's now found its way to my back yard. The bowl and lid are in...
  7. J

    Someone stole my WSM

    And I hope it was someone on this forum, that lives here in Salt Lake City. I found a WSM for $100, and talked the guy down to $75 via text. I left to take the boys out to lunch and missed the follow up texts about when to pick it up. When I responded about an hour later, it was too late...
  8. J

    14.5 WSM Stacker?

    Who's building one first?
  9. J

    WSM 22.5 observation

    So I am posting in the new wsm owner thread, even though I owned my first wsm five years ago. I loved it, but got carried away in a bge sickness, and let my friend have my 18.5 wsm after I got my second bge. I have, and still do enjoy using my eggs, but I found a 22.5 wsm for sale last week...
  10. J

    Convert NG to LP?

    I have a few NG Webers I picked up while bargain hunting this summer, but I want to covert them to propane. What is required to do this? I will post pics of them soon. I am picking one of them up tomorrow for $1.
  11. J

    Natural Gas vs. Propane

    I have two Weber Genesis 3 burner grills that are about 10 years old each. They look identical, one is natural gas, and one is propane. They are both Craigs List acquisitions, and I got them really cheap. I don't have a natural gas line, but I would like the convenience of not having to...
  12. J

    Fuel Source?

    Harry, thank you for taking our questions, I really enjoyed your participation on the Pitmasters show. My question is about the type of fuel you use. I hope this is not a duplication of another question, but do you use briquetes, or lump charcoal? What brand do you use in your WSM? Thanks!
  13. J

    I've been working on my Tri's

    Grilling these up tonight, just started marinading them in Spade L Ranch seasoning (, the have free samples, it's amazing on beef, and everything I guess). I will post some after pix if I am not too hungry to forget.
  14. J

    Prime Rib - WSM or Kettle Rotisserie?

    I want to do a prime rib this winter, and I am considering the WSM or a Weber rotisserie that I will be buying for my kettle soon. I know the WSM can cook anything well, but part of me wants to play with the new toy. Anyone have experience with both doing prime rib? Which was better? I haven't...
  15. J

    What do I have here?

    I bought this Natural Gas Weber (Silver?) last Saturday for $40. Its in better shape than the picture suggests, just needs a cleanup, and I need to put the lid back on, as well as the basket and grease catcher (off to side of picture). Anyway, prev owner was selling it for someone else, and he...
  16. J

    WSM Stacker - bad fit?

    Yep, I bought a stacker because it was cheap on eBay. Seems fine enough, but the bad part is it doesn't fit on anything. Wont go on my 18" WSM (without being askew), upside down on my 18" OTS, and the lids wont fit either. I wont be grumpy about spending $30 for this thing on eBay, I consider...
  17. J

    Genesis on sale at Lowes

    At least their "exclusive to Lowes" Expresso colored one is: What have you all seen, does the Genesis get much cheaper, should I still hold out?
  18. J

    Good buy?

    I am looking for a new (to me) gas grill, and came across this one: http://saltlakecity.craigslist.../app/1323796504.html What do you think?
  19. J

    How many butts on 18.5 wsm?

    I am headed to a family reunion next week in Idaho, and I have been designated to smoke some butts for pulled pork. There are about 80 people, and I thought about 6 butts would do it (too much? not enough?). I had planned on taking my masterbuilt electric because it is easy, and I have four...