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    To foil, or not to foil brisket

    So I did up two packers this weekend. (big Oscar party). I chose one of the recipes that did not use a foiling method. (I've used foiling for my previous briskets, and they've come out well). This time I just put on the thick rub, did a low and slow at 240 the whole night (controled by a...
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    22.5 jacket

    So whatever happened to the bbq guru's "soon to get" 22.5 WSM jacket? I had emailed them couple months ago, and they said weeks away. Now they're not answering when, if ever.
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    Cannot get Stokerlog to send email or text messages

    I have an msn account (which I am pretty sure is an http type account) and apparently must not be using the settings correctly? Anyone any ideas? Currently smoking away, and everything else is working great, but would be good be able to step away from the house and be notified of anything...
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    And where to get newest release of stokerlog?

    Rock's site directs to version 4.1, is that the latest non beta release? It looks like it's coming from Amir's website, but I get the following warning when I push start logging: Unhandled exception has occured in your application. "Access to the path c:\program files...
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    Cheers to Yankee Rob!

    Wow, what a great job creating those videos. They are very helpful!. I thought I'd create a separate post to thank you. Well done! Oh yes, I saw someone request one for port forwarding (outside LAN access) too. Great idea if you have the time. Thanks Yankee Rob!
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    Stoker setup for Iphone use

    I've been reading a lot of these posts in preparation for receiving my Stoker. (Can't wait). But while I must wait, I want to do some reading. I haven't found a sticky on this forum (yet) on a step by step. I'm fairly computer savvy. I am contemplating ordering a Linksys bridge to hook up...
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    Stoker probe wires

    So I've ordered the Stoker, but am wondering where I'm going to run all those wires into and out of the WSM. I would think if I use the vent holes, that'll prevent me from being able to close them, and may the wires burn touching the metal? Am I missing a duhhh answer?
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    Silver Bullet Smoking Jacket for 22.5

    I emailed bbq guru folks to inquire about jacket for 22.5. The response I got was less than a month away. "Weeks" they said.
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    My first ribs

    Just smoked the Competition Ribs recipe from this forum. I am sending this post from heaven, cuz that's where my taste buds have sent me. Yum, yum, this forum is great. I wanted to leave a positive comment and thanks under the recipe post, but I guess it was so old it was closed. Yep, I'm...
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    Insulation question

    Newbie here! I've been reading the modification area, and see many entries about insulating the WSM. Living in western Washington state, our average outdoor temps this time of year hover around 40-45 degrees daytime. I've read that wind is the primary killer, but am I wasting money and...