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    Bacon with red spot

    Making bacon for probably the 10th time using the easy method here. After 7 full days in cure, One of the belly 1/3 has an odd red spot. I used pure maple suyrup and maple sugar, which I’ve used before (along with proper ratio of cure). Other 2 pieces look normal. Any thoughts as to why...
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    Brisket Price

    So my timing is great, just moved to Houston from West coast. We remained high and dry in a temp place we grabbed a couple weeks back, so avoided the horrible pain of Harvey. Today we finally went out to grab some food. The shelves were empty at Walmart for produce, and most meats. However...
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    Moving a Genesis E320

    I came across someone looking to get rid of a Genesis (believe its an E320) in good shape, based off pics. They will basically give it away if I can pick it up as they just want it gone. Taking it off their hands is a no brainier for free, however its 30 minutes away, and they mentioned its...
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    Weber 22" on sale Lowes

    Never really see them on sale, but noticed Lowes in store and online has 22" OTG in copper and Black for $129 and the Master Touch for $169. Only until 5/5
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    Early Generation Performer?

    Came across this old weber listing. I've not saw the color before, and the cart looks home made. However I see clips around the edge, which makes me think its originally designed to fit in a cart like the early generation models. Is this an original color, or does it look painted?
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    New Vintage Weber 22" Grill (Vegas) $50

    Just happened to come across this in 'nearby' when searching spelling mistake version 'WebBer' . Looks like a brand new vintage kettle prior to one touch cleaner. Can see the the three turn vents in second pick. Not bad for $50. I'm actually in vegas at the end of the month but will...
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    Removing One Touch Cleaning System

    I picked up a used performer and just cleaning it up. The one touch cleaning blades are in fair shape, but I'd still like to pull them off to clean up the bowl. I found the instructions online to use a screwdriver and twist the handle. Saw a couple videos online also, but mine just won't pop...
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    Rotisserie for Genesis 1000

    I picked up what I believe is the correct Rotisserie for my Genesis 1000. It's Weber 9890. It definitely seems like the correct model as the spit rod rounded sections for the side of the firebox slots line up, and the bracket bolted on with ease. However when i close the lid, it's resting on...
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    Unplanned Weber buy

    Today I went to see if my local Walmart had the 14" WSM on clearance as many have mentioned already for $139 or better. I was on the fence whether to grab one, as I already have the 22", but having a small 14" would be nice to quickly for up for small amounts. However when I turned around, I...
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    Weber 4000 Platinum

    Weber Platinum What was the difference between the regular Genesis model and the Platinum? I'm just finishing up the wood on my Red Genesis 1100 rehab and saw a post for a Weber Platinum basically free. It has the side burner and second flip table, but is there something else I'm missing...
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    First Weber Gas Grill - 1993 Genesis Red 1100

    Hi. I've been reading various threads on Weber rehab's and always wanted to try a Weber gas grill. I figured I'd keep an eye on CL until I found one in fair condition and pick it up. So this week I saw a listing for a red 1993 Genesis 1000. The sticker and serial number come up as an 1100...
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    Hello from SoCal

    Have read a few threads from time to time on this site and figured I'd finally join. Owned the WSM for a couple years and just bought my first Weber gas grill yesterday. Have been watching for a decent Genesis on CL that I could clean up, and one finally showed up that fit the bill and then...