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    26 Inch Yellow landed

    Does IPE just coat over the existing black porcelain enamel with another coat?
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    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    For my situation, I have too many grills. I got approval through the sale of two large eggs, two kamado joe jrs, and one 26” kettle. That funded the purchase of this grill and a smokefire while they were on sale. But the money was secondary to clearing some space for them. I still have too many...
  3. J

    Weber says something big is coming

    I doubt it’s a pellet refresh, they just released the “gen2” smoke fire (Ive had it a month and it’s awesome). Their teaser hinted at something big, my prediction is a 26” WSM or performer.
  4. J

    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    I love it. I used the first one I received for more than a month and it’s a true kamado. I have not smoked on it yet, but I feel it would work just like the XL big green egg.
  5. J

    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    Received my new E6 that has been updated. Its awesome, rock solid. It completely changes the grill compared the first one that I received.
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    Smokefire no longer at Lowes

    Bought my gen2 ex4 New Year’s Eve directly from Weber. It’s been amazing and I am I glad I pulled the trigger. I have empathy for the public beta testers. But it has resulted in an awesome cooker.
  7. J

    Wings and ribs in a hour.

    This has never occurred to me. Impressive!
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    Anyone have the Summit Kamado S6 Yet?

    yes, Tommy Garcia has: Not sure if you can see it without Facebook access. He received one from Weber and loves it.
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    New 1991 performer charcoal grill for sale

    Nice looking find @Kelly C. I have used jbweld for ceramic repairs, never on metal. I will say I am impressed with what it can do.
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    Is this sacrilegious ?

    That looks amazing. Nice!
  11. J

    Kamado Summit Kamado S6 Release Date?

    When I talked to them about my E6 replacement, I was told mid to late January for the redesign of the E6. I am not sure if the S6 will follow that schedule.
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    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    That is its official nickname now ;)
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    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    @RMiles , did they contact you about the new one being sent to you? I have talked to the weber rep (don't want to drop his name on the internet), and he has been really cool about it, but I have not heard an update from him since our chat before Christmas. No anxious or anything, the wobbler...
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    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    No problem at all. It would interesting to try both to see if there is a difference. I’m not sure there would be for the way I am using the cooker. The way that the indirect piece is relatively far from the cooking grid probably negates any design differences between the two.
  15. J

    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    Hey @Dustin Flavell , I went and snapped a pic of it for you. It even has somewhat of a "bowl" so that if you foiled it it would collect grease in it. Not knocking the old one, but I don't see this one as a step down . Its a piece of stainless, and I could venture it might last a long time in...
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    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    I thought I would throw in my opinion of the E6 after using it a few times. Weber is making it right, and I have full confidence in them doing so. However, I am incredibly impressed with the grill at this price point. I have about three cooks on it since assembly last week, and it is just an...
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    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    I got it set up and in my back yard to use until waiting for the new one. The wobble and wheel issues were incredibly apparent going from the garage to the back yard. I fear I would have taken this back if I did not know a new one was coming. But for now it is stationary and the wheel issue...
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    What wood do you like when smoking turkey?

    Apple only here, we like smoke to be a secondary flavor on turkey.