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    heatermeter ripoff?

    The Tappencue Team from KC. They designed a wireless BBQ temp sensor. #makerfairekc Saw this and said ***? Bryan, you need to come up for world maker faire in september and blow some people away with the HM.
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    Searzall for sous vide and other stuff

    Hey, just backed this and thought of everyone here.
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    Who likes SMD?

    SMD HM4 with servo and blower outputs. HM4 was just too crowded for a Servo output. Take a look, and if I made a mistake let me know. Otherwise I'm sending them out to fab @ the end of the week. I'll make a...
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    Greetings everyone! I was away on vacation, and I got to wondering - how many people are actually using the RFM12B radio with their HM4? I could certainly see where it could be useful, but is it practical in the current setup? I could see it in a wireless probe/fan setup for sure.
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    Feature Request, or Please, please, please with a cherry on top I can has?

    Bryan, Can you insert some code to allow for user-definable high and low frequency PWM? Something like: define PID_dT (uDefClk/F_CPU) where if uDefClk is defined low the value is 1600000 (10Hz) or high the value is 32000 (500Hz) This would make using the HM for sous-vide or electric smokers...
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    UDOO board

    This might be a bit much for the heatermeter, but this looks like a pretty serious piece of hardware.
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    Raspberry Pi version A?

    Hello everyone! I stumbled on this article in my Twitter feed. The version A board apparently consumes 1/3 the power of the version B. This would be quite a nice improvement for smoking in a low-power situation, when it's finally available. :)
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    Greetings from Atlantic City (or thereabouts)

    Hello everyone! A friend of mine has introduced me to the wonders of BBQ, and naturally I want to build my own. The half of a cow in my freezer that I bought last month is motivating me as well. :) Just starting out, but hoping to make a run at building a smoker by the Spring. I'm sure the...