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    Max Fan power for HM4.1

    So I'm working on a custom HM based of the HM4.1 design/hardware and ran into a bit of a snag. I have an old 25CFM blower that I want to use that is rated for a max current of 1.2 amps vs the .22 amps of the designated blower. When I attach my blower and 'activate' it by setting an appropriate...
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    LMRemote Board

    So the wife just bought me a rotisserie, and I'de like to use my temp probes. I was looking through the LMRemote docs, and had a couple of questions: 1. LMRemote.PNG shows only one probe, connected to PC0, and then PC1 has a lead to BATT. What If I want to hook up additonal probes? What Pins do...
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    Analog TC reading way off

    So I've managed to cobble together my AD8495 board and thermocouple, and have it hooked up to my Protometer, and the reading I'm getting is way off. I have a simple sketch that just displays the temp on the TC, and it's pretty accurate, so i'm fairly sure Iv'e got the board and TC working...
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    Temp Probes: 3.3v vs 5v?

    So I'm getting ready to update my custom heatermeter, and iwas looking at the schematics for both the linkmeter and the rpi heatermeter, and noticed that on the linkmeter version that the temp probes (among other things) run off the 5v rail, but in the rpi version the temp probes are running...
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    Linkmeter on an ADM5120.

    After getting fairly sick after a cold and rainy smoke, I decided I wanted a BBQ Pit controller, without the typical price tag. So a quick search brought me to the now surely famous Bob Hruska's Design.. Cool! Looks doable. Then I can't find a wishield :-( Endless searching found one place in...