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  1. J

    putting down the lid

    sooo where do you guys put the lid when you're doing work with the lid off? ha my deck railing and floor are starting to get a little greasy from putting the lid down all over the place...
  2. J

    wife's 30th birthday feast!

    figured id give the wsm a full run for the first time and first overnight cook at that...was kinda nervous at first since it was pretty much all we had to serve at her party. ended up smoking 2 10 lb butts for pulled pork, smallish 7lb brisket (biggest one they had at wegmans), 6 racks of ribs...
  3. J

    weekend cooks - pics from instagram!

    still fairly new to this whole smoking game but its definitely fun to learn as i go... started the morning early with some good ole' butts - injected them thursday night. rubbed them friday night, then rubbed them right before they went on the wsm. later on in the evening - slapped on some...
  4. J

    starving after work!

    do many of you guys actually use the wsm to cook dinner after work? by the time i get out of work, gym, cook dinner - its already 8:30 and thats on either the grill or the stove. cant even imagine using the wsm for dinner. wsm cooks have been more a weekend thing for me so far... -starving guy
  5. J

    longtime lurker from PA!

    been a lurker for a while now. used this website as a resource in researching smokers. first poked at my interest by using a weber smokebox for my genesis to see if i could actually be patient with low and slow, then was torn on the ease of electric for a while until i kept on seeing amazing...