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    I found a few old 4.2 boards laying around and figure I would put them together for some friends, I had all the parts except for the stupid buttons, which I got a from John (thanks). I put them in the boards... the correct way, but they don't work, any way to troubleshoot what the issue could...
  2. J

    Raspberry Pi Zero W

    any tips on getting one of these to work with the HM? Does the software support it? It doesnt do anything, just kinda sit there... where to start to troubleshoot? BTW, using other rpi's work great on the same HM build, just thought I would try the Zero W, but it seems to be a lost cause, I...
  3. J

    Anyone want a complete build in the EU

    Send me a message, I have been making quite a few and if anyone wants one I would be happy to make one.
  4. J

    Display Issue

    I had an old 4.1.4 board that i had populated and never used. A friend of mine decided to get into smoking so I am going to give it to him. Problem.. I turned it on and everything works fine, except the lcd... its got weird characters all over the screen, i have flashed the heatermeter to the...
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    Wireless stopped working..

    Been using my HM for a while now, no issues, today I go to fire it up and the wireless is dead, no blinky blue lights, nadda, so I hooked it up to the lan, looks fine, nothing for wireless, its gone.. I hook the lil device up to a computer, laptop, anything with a usb, all work fine, I get...
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    Needed Parts?

    I was looking at building a handful of HM's for friends in Germany, some of the parts drive the cost ownership up a bit, and with my experience (or lack of) there are some parts I think I can omit. I only use the we interface when using mine so... Can I remove the lcd, directional button...
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    Probe Calibration

    My probes had to be calibrated -70 degrees, is that normal? I didnt realize how off they were till i checked my meat, i was trying to cook at 225, it was actually 160 or something like that.
  8. J

    Extra 4.1.4 board

    Anyone need one, I have a spare.
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    Parts Screw Up

    So I ordered some of my parts from digikey cause mouser had them backordered, well when they arrived i had WAY more of them than I ordered. I called digikey and told them of this error and they told me to just keep them... I dont get it, it's a few hundred dollar error on their part, either way...
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    New build questions

    I just built my 4.1.4 board (very cool), but I have a few questions I get "no pit probe" on the screen, I have a probe in port 0, its a et732.did I screw something up? The ambient temp is on probe 3 and working just fine, its registering a little high but no biggy. Is there a way to run this...
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    Long time lurker with some questions

    I've been watching this site and watching the heater meter mature, I want one, I have watched some of the live cooks you guys do, amazing. I have to get up all night and monitor my temps, at first I thought that what you guys do is cheating, but year after year of losing sleep in order to make...