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    PSB Substitute Ideas?

    Hello everyone, Been away for a bit - wife and I lost our minds and decided to both attend Masters programs and adopt a baby all at the same time. :) Question of the day - I've got my 3+ lb Chuck roast, green peppers and onions, but no stouts in the fridge. I do however have some miller lite...
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    Cashew and/or almond crust?

    Hi everyone, I picked up a pork tenderloin on sale and wanted to try something different. Anyone do a chashew and/or almond crust before - on a pork tenderloin or otherwise? If so, I'm assuming you chop it up fine and maybe add some other stuff to it? Or is the cashew salty enough by itself...
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    Rotiserie - rolling pin???

    I know I should have messed with the rotiserie before the day I'm going to use it, but.... Anyway, the parts look pretty straight forward, except the rolling pin looking deal. Anyone know what that's used for? Counterweight? I didn't see it in the instruction manual that came with the...
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    Bacon wrapped something

    Hey everyone, I've been doing a lot of cooks lately where I wrap a boneless skinless thigh, stuffed with cheese and green onion in bacon. We love it every time, but I was wondering what else could be wrapped in bacon (dinner-wise, not apps) and work out with the time required to get the bacon...
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    Pork Belly (not bacon) Questions

    Hey everyone, I've been doing a lot of the Bob C, bacon made easy. Wife and I both love it, but I wanted to try something different. We were at a restaraunt in the meat packing district in downtown Chicago a while back, and I remember we ordered a pork belly. It was served as a slab, and was...
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    Pepper Stout Beef Questions

    My apologies ahead of time if this was already answered. Also, thank you to Larry for posting the pepper stout beef instructions, I'm excited to try this for the first time! I understand that the food is done when its done, but I was looking for some general guidleines to figure out a time...
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    Weber Rotisserie Questions

    Hey everyone, I've been away for awhile, hope all is well and early Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! I think there's a good chance santa will bring me a new Weber Rotisserie toy. :):) Stupid question: I'm assuming you cannot use the Maverik therm on the meat? Not so stupid question: You...
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    Pizza, no stone ideas?

    I wanted to throw a pizza on my performer tonight, but I don't have a pizza stone. Anyone have any ideas for a makeshift set-up? Should I use the non stick pizza pan I usually use for the oven and prop it up on something?
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    Sams club BBRs

    So I picked up some Sams club BBRsat $2.50/lb and was excited cause they were super meaty. I smoked em like I normally do, little longer actually cause they were so meaty. I was very disappointed. They didn't taste bad, but seemed to not have the flavor of other BBRs I normally get. Anyone...
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    Smoking Pre-made Summer Sausage

    I know a lot of folks here are making their own sausage. My question is can I buy a summer sausage from the store and smoke it at home? If so, what temps/wood/etc?
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    Seasoning for Bacon

    I make Bob's "Bacon made easy" back around X-mas time with pork belly, and it was great! Since it was my first bacon, I thought I'd go without seasoning to see if I got the basics down. I've a got a 9# pork loin curing now and was trying to figure out some seasoning options. Could the bacon...
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    Spirit E310 with a mind of its own...

    So I live in a town home, and my backyard is a huge windtunnel. If it's 20 mph around me, it seems like it's 50 mph in my backyard. Anyway, I got a Spirit E310 for x-mas and shortly after we went to Mexico. When we got back the Spirit, and my new performer were flipped upside down in the...
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    Meat Slicer Recommendation

    So the wife & I finally tried the Bob Correll "Bacon Made Easy" that I made & sliced in late December. It was the best bacon I ever had! Thanks Bob for taking the time to share the process! However, my slicing skills left much to be desired. The slices were anything but uniform, and we were...
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    Pork Steak Internal Temp

    Pork Steak on sale $1.59/lb by me. Question is do you smoke them until 145 degrees internal like pork chops?
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    2013 platinum performer coming my way!!!

    So I called my dad last week to ask if he still had his old red weber kettle and he said no. But then he emailed me couple days later and said he ordered me a new weber performer!!! Thanks dad!!! 2 questions. Do the performers come with covers, or are those a separate purchase? Is there a...
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    Bacon Curing Question

    As of last night, my Bob Correll homemade bacon has been curing for 7 days. Is there a test to confirm that the pork belly has fully cured? Or just trust that the process(1 TBSP/lb MTQ, flip each day) works? What are the consequences if the porl belly hasn't fully cured and I begin the rinse...
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    Hit the Bacon Motherload!!

    So after reading Bob Correll's post "Bacon Made Easy," I finally decided to pull the trigger and try my hand at making bacon. After several phone calls I found a place that sells pork belly & another that sells MTC. The butcher said they had to order the pork belly & it would come 8-10 lbs @...
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    Smoked Cheese-how long is it good for?

    I smoked some cheddar, Gouda, Fontina & pepper jack cheese on Monday night with some apricot wood. I vacuum sealed it and placed it in the fridge to wait a week until it's mellowed out a bit. My question is, given the type of cheeses & the way they are stored, how long will they be good for...
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    WSM Silver Bullet Jacket

    I recently purchased a 18.5 WSM Silver Bullet Jacket from BBQ Guru. It's amazing in that it will keep good temps when it's cold out AND conserve charcoal. My first run with the jacket, I ran the 18.5 for 9 hours for a couple pork butts & a 7 lb bone-in pork roast in 25 degree weather & windy...
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    General Consensus-Electric knife or something like Victorinox?

    I was just wondering what's favored for cutting briskets/turkey/other? I just got a Cuisinart electric knife because it was rated high on Amazon. I tried cutting the turkey yesterday and it did not cut very gracefully. It also got bits of turkey between the blades and got gummed up. I ended...