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    water, sand or nothing?

    What do you guys use? I have been using water, but am seriously considering switching to sand for my next cook. Does sand help hold the heat better? What say you?
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    1.5 bags of charcoal for two butts?

    My 22.5 WSM is using a LOT of fuel. The last few times I have cooked, I have had to add a half bag of charcoal to finish the cook. I usually had to add those around the 10-11 hour mark. Is this normal? I start it with the minion method, using a can in the middle of the coals which were poured...
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    water, sand, or confused.

    been using water in my pan, but have read about people using sand and even nothing at all. can someone explain to me in plain English what the pan does and what i should use in it?
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    I think I messed to clean the bowl?

    OK, guys, Im going home tomorrow from my honeymoon in NOLA and I have a job to do with the WSM. Let me explain - Last week after I cooked for the wedding party, I didn't have time to let the WSM cool down and then clean it before i left for NOLA, so I just covered it up and left it. I saw the...
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    Im 4 hours in to a cook with 4 butts (two six pounders and two 10 pounders) on my 22.5" WSM. I keep reading that the Mavericks on the grate will read higher than the lid temp. Well, im experiencing the opposite. My lid temp is 255 and my Mavericks are at 253. I have the therm of the mav inserted...
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    uh-oh...gotta cook for about 30 people...

    NEW WSM and we have a wedding party to cook for (mine). Gonna be about 30 people including me and the mrs. Gonna do Butts and maybe some ABT's. Just not sure on how MUCH to cook. Thinking Im gonna get four 8-10lb butts...would that be too much? Gonna start the cook early tomorrow morning. Any...
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    I learned something today

    Do NOT open and close the vents on the WSM without some sort of protection on your hands...just got a NASTY burn on my finger from closing the vent. DAYUM...that hurt!
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    HELP!!! First smoke, temps out of whack!

    OK...I got home this morning from the road at 3am, fired up a cigar and then commenced to fire up the new WSM that I got THIS MORNING! Got the RO lump in there, made a hole for my K briquetes that I started in the chimney, put in some Cherry chunks (about 4) and poured the coals in when they...
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    the moment has come!!

    My wife just pulled the trigger on the WSM 22" and it is in transport to mi casa. Im so excited I could just bust. The bad thing is, im stuck 100 miles from home and wont leave here until about 10pm...may cook something on it anyway when I get home. One cool thing, the Ace Hardware where she...
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    FINALLY gonna get my WSM 22"

    Im getting married on the 28th of this month and the new wife bought me a WSM as a gift! Im on the road driving a truck, but cant wait to get home to fire this puppy up. Planning on cooking 4 butts for the wedding party n Friday. Is there anything I need to do special such as season the WSM or...
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    18 or 22...that is the question.

    Hey currently looking to buy a WSM (wanted one for a LONG time). I have been doing my cooks on a UDS but want to eventually compete. Dont wanna show up at a comp with an ugly drum smoker (though it makes awesome que!). Should I get an 18 or 22 wsm? Not going to compete for a whil, but...