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  1. Larry Naylor

    Wifi help

    Have a heater meter with a pi zero ( I think) it worked last time I used it.1 month ago since then i have replaced my router with a mesh system. I'm using the same name and password as the old one .The trouble I'm having is it will not connect to my wifi. When I turn it on it flashes one time...
  2. Larry Naylor

    Help needed on sms settings for consumer cellular

    Try to set up alarm reporting on HM to cell phone. I have a android with consumer cellular service . I went to the sms notification settings and there is no settings for my provider if i select other it asks for a provider and I've tried a bunch i found on the internet anyone using consumer can...
  3. Larry Naylor

    Is my PI dead?

    Have a 4.3 heatermeter and a pi3b+ about a year old about a month ago it started dropping wifi connection now it won't connect at all. Reloaded software and tried new sd card. Reset config will not work and only the red light on the pi lights. I have about 6.5 volts feeding the pi on pin 2&4 on...
  4. Larry Naylor

    HeaterMeter and RD3 build review

    Recently I had bought a new grill and was looking for some way to monitor it during a 10 to 12 hour smoke. I found the HeaterMeter on line and did a lot of research on it a few emails and i had a pretty red case and a bunch of parts. I think you can get it pre assembled but i like building...