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  1. Mike Durso

    Prototype and Breadboard stuff for kettles

    Here are a couple of pics of a large indirect basket that's really meant for the 26. But you know.. that would have involved a whole second line of inventory. The option went to the existing smaller stamped indirect baskets. And the old rusty adjustable charcoal grate. It hooks on...
  2. Mike Durso

    Also going tri-tip!

    Whelp.. I’m blaming everyone here (and at the other forum that I just posted at...) Cut/paste... This weekend I’ll get out the RED kettle that I don’t know if I’ve ever used it?? I may get out the adjustable lower grate or maybe the heavy duty incredible dude level wire baskets that I had...
  3. Mike Durso

    The Q1000, my favorite

    Funny thing... The Q was rolling out when I had joined Weber. I was tasked with creating those little insulating extensions between the grill and the handle. I used those grills a lot when I was there but my main focus was on the charcoal -redesigning the 18 WSM, recreating the 14 and doing...
  4. Mike Durso

    Still Smokin' and the 14" prototype

    Hey everyone, Glad to see everyone still creating crazy recipes, cooking old favorites, and coming up with new ways, methods, etc for cooking up a storm. I picked up a nice shoulder yesterday and planning on doing a tried and true smoke on it with a couple different sauces or two. I was...
  5. Mike Durso

    automatic vent

    So you guys are all creative and such. Why haven't one of you disassembled a bimetal and attached it to a vent to have it open and close with temperature?
  6. Mike Durso

    what have i missed?

    So i have been away from the actual product side for some time, but i'm still cooking. What's new and exciting Chris? Mike
  7. Mike Durso

    what have i missed?

    So i've been out and about most of summer periodically taking a peek in here. What have i missed? anything good? recipes? mods? competitions? Grill safe! Mike
  8. Mike Durso

    Pet names on Valentine's Day

    So we all have pet names for our toys.. be they guitars, smokers, of cars. We know the WSM as the bullet. I always called the 22 the Bomber. some leg incarnations looked just like that! Has the 22 been unofficially christened a name? the double deuce? the bomber? What names do you have...