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    PID tuning for KJBJ3

    Hi all, Was wondering if anyone has had success with tuning on the new Kamado Joe Big Joe 3. I just upgraded from the Classic gen 1 Joe and wanted to see if anyone would be able to share their settings. Or do the settings even change? I assumed so since its a bigger kamado which requires more...
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    UDS Build with a Heatermeter

    Does anyone have any pictures or directions on how they connected their heatermeter to a UDS? I am looking to plan out my UDS build and want to use my heatermeter for the airflow, instead of the normal method. i tried searching the forum but didn't find any topics. Please feel free to direct me...
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    multiple smokers - multiple configuraitons

    So whats the easiest way to change configurations quickly when using different smokers? any help would be appreciated.
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    Kamado...water pan or no water pan?

    Running my first run with HM this weekend after a few test runs dialing it in. the only thing i didnt do was a water pan. I normally used a water pan to help regulate the temps but with the precision of the HM it didn't seem necessary. Just wanted to hear what others do.... let me know thanks!
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    Heatermeter 4.3 not recognized by pi

    Hi everyone, new to the forum. My heatermeter 4.3 is not being recognized by the rasp pi. Currently i am using the USB power on the rasp pi to configure and make sure everything work before hooking up the 12v. I dont want to fry anything. I went ahead and reflowed everything on the base...