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  1. Cliff Bartlett

    Halibut inspired by Cliff Bartlett

    Wow, what an outstanding cook Rich. Thank you for showcasing one of mine. I am truly flattered. I tell ya, those grill grates are my fish cooking buddies. I'm intrigued with your focaccia also. I've never had it. Will have to fix that.
  2. Cliff Bartlett

    Sous vide tomahawk

    Looks mightylicious!!
  3. Cliff Bartlett

    Texas Brisket

    That would do me up fine Kemper. Briskie looks outstanding.
  4. Cliff Bartlett

    Sesame Ginger Flanken Ribs.

    Wonderful looking plate there Tim. Bet that was delicious!
  5. Cliff Bartlett

    Korean-style Chicken Inspired by Mr. Minion

    Fine looking cook Rich. I like how you called upon resources on the board in prepping your cook. Those are some mighty big names you sought for your inspiration. An all round winner for sure.
  6. Cliff Bartlett

    Just some drumsticks on the WSK...

    Good looking legs! Good dinner and lunch tomorrow as well.
  7. Cliff Bartlett

    Burger night

    Way to stack that burger. I'd give the pb&j a shot. I like it on everything else.
  8. Cliff Bartlett

    Spun a prime

    I'd love to sit down to a slice of that. Nice work to you both Case.
  9. Cliff Bartlett

    First gas cook of the season

    Love the sprouts and brats, but mashed potato cake?? Immediately goes to the top! Great looking meal Timothy.
  10. Cliff Bartlett

    Ribs, Burgers, Sausages, & Pies-Oh My

    It looks exactly like your pancakes only with a chocolate cream stuffing and a regular pie crust. I'll give the pancakes a try too.
  11. Cliff Bartlett

    Bacon Weirdness

    Thanks Dustin. I appreciate your suggestion, but as you say it's destined for tomorrow's trash. Just don't feel comfortable with it. Usually after the first full day there is obvious water content in the bag. Not this guy. I've got another belly ready to go.
  12. Cliff Bartlett

    Ribs, Burgers, Sausages, & Pies-Oh My

    I'm a sucker for burgers, ribs, and sausages, but I'd trade a plate of that goodness for that pie. Chocolate Banana Cream Pie is my lifelong favorite. Looks wonderful Kemper.
  13. Cliff Bartlett

    Sticks on a Sunday

    No need for posting something outside the Weber family. I enjoyed the post and stick burners interest me, a lot. Set it and forget it is nice under certain conditions, usually inclement weather. I don't mind a little work during a great cook. It brings me pleasure and a greater feeling of...
  14. Cliff Bartlett

    First time beef back ribs

    Looks wonderful. Nice cook Darryl,
  15. Cliff Bartlett

    Cabin Fever Brisket

    Boy, would I love a bowl of that right now. Looks terrific.
  16. Cliff Bartlett

    Saturday is Rib Day!

    Great looking rib cook Rich. Glad you had a fun day.
  17. Cliff Bartlett

    Chaffle McBob for breakfast

    Looks great Bob but I'm with ya on the butter and syrup.
  18. Cliff Bartlett

    Tonight’s Lenten Repast

    I'll tell you one thing Timothy, that cook and gorgeous plate worked well. Wonderfully done and presented.
  19. Cliff Bartlett

    Bacon Weirdness

    Thanks guys for the assistance. Bob, I poked at it and there is no noticeable difference in meat texture/firmness. The only difference in what I used on this belly as opposed to my last one last month is this was a brand new bag of Tender Quick, purchased on line around the first of the year...
  20. Cliff Bartlett

    Bacon Weirdness

    Had some weirdness occur when curing my last pork belly. Using Bob's recipe I did the prep and the cure over this past week. After a day or so, I noticed I couldn't see much moisture in the bag collecting from the curing piece of meat. This was the second piece of the original belly which I...