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  1. Dave K

    Happy Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians - - - Updated - - - And no, We don't have snow here still, that is a picture from a while back:)
  2. Dave K

    My new BBQ

    I built the trailer from scratch, and a neighbour and I built the BBQ. I used it once so far. Cooked 340 pork chops in just over 2 hrs. Capable of cooking a whole hog, as well as grills to cook chops sausage etc...
  3. Dave K

    Finally getting a rotisserie

    After having a performer for about 5-6 years, I finally bought a rotisserie for it. Does anybody have a good recipe for doing chicken on it. I think that is my first choice to try it out.:blueperformer:
  4. Dave K

    Freezers full for summer

    Started out yesterday with 2 whole hogs . Here is one half hanging since Monday. Glad we had the cooler weather return. On the "operating " table Kids home from school and ready to help Sometimes a dog's just gotta do what a dogs gotta do Busy cutting up...
  5. Dave K

    Question about high heat ABT's

    Can it be done? Can you do them at say 400* on the performer for say 1/2 hr instead of low and slow for 2 1/2 hrs? Just curious if this works or not?
  6. Dave K

    Foodsaver v3460C

    Is this model any good. I recieved one from my wife and kids for my birthday today, and before we used it, we wanted to make sure that it was good enough for what we wanted to use it for. We usually do one or two pigs a year, so it wouldn't be used every day, however when it is in use, we will...
  7. Dave K

    This weeks cook Its Daytona time !!!

    Planning on doing some smokin Thurs. I've got two racks of ribs for Thurs while watching the Gatorade Duels, and also doing two butts for eating on Sun during the Daytona 500. Gonna pull the butts and put into the crock pot, on Sun morn I'm going to make some #5 sauce, pour it on top an turn...
  8. Dave K

    Grilling on a kettle

    I bought a used kettle a few months ago for grilling only. I find that if I cover it with the lid, my temps drop. It is an EZ model, with three vents on the bottom (same as WSM), and one on the top. Is this normal, that to grill I need to leave the lid off?
  9. Dave K

    Weber OTS model EZ

    Hello all. I just bought a used Kettle today. The vents are saying EZ. Does anyone know how old this one is?
  10. Dave K

    What is Au Jus?

    Hi Everyone. I am wanting to make prime rib for dinner tonight, and was wondering what is Au Jus? Is it just a fancy name for beefstock and water, or is it something else?
  11. Dave K

    2nd Brisket, a couple of questions

    I put on a brisket last night about 10:30, a little earlier than maybe needed, but I was ready for bed, and didn't want to wait any longer. At 2:00 this morn smoker was at 290*, so I throttled back the vents, and basted with Apple Juice. At 5:00 this morn temp was around 240* and basted...
  12. Dave K


    Making this recipe for molasses brined chops. How much dry ginger, and dried thyme do I need for it?
  13. Dave K

    Maple brined pork chops

    Here is where I first saw it mentioned, does anyone have a recipe for them?
  14. Dave K

    Pork Crown Roast

    I am looking to cook/smoke a pork crown roast this weekend. Does anyone have a good recipe? I am thinking that I would like to stuff it first. Thanks in advance
  15. Dave K

    The Whole Hog

    My first pig is chillin right now, its getting delivered tommorrow with some other meat orders that I have. The beast weighed in at 165 lbs dressed. The butcher is going to brine, stuff, and wrap in foil for me, so all I have to do is slide in the spit and away we go. Hoping to eat at 8 p.m...
  16. Dave K

    First Brisket, a couple questions

    I am doing my first briskey today using Chris G. recipe from April 28 2004. Just a couple questions. Istarted out with a 9 1/2 lb brisket, marinated overnight. I rubbed it this morn, and lit the smoker at 6 am. Meat was on by 6:30. Chris says to put the meat on the bottom rack, and cook at...
  17. Dave K

    Sweet pickled Ham

    Monday's supper will be the sweet pickled ham from the WSM owners manual. The hams been brined since Thurs and is in the fridge overnight to dry. All the info that it gives is to smoke for eight hours. I'm thinking this shoud be a low temp smoke say 250-275 at the lid? The ham is approx 4...
  18. Dave K

    stogies rib recipe

    Hi guys. I was looking yesterday and found an old rib recipe that"stogie" had put on the site on June 22 2004. When I went to cut and paste it, I didn't take the whole recipe with it. Does anybody have it, or a way that I can find it without looking at every post on the website? Dave