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  1. Matthew

    Venison Summer Sausage

    A friend and I did some sausage over the weekend.... well I did ..... lol..
  2. Matthew

    Summer Sausage Venison Style

    I haven't posted in YEARS.... But I made some Summer Sausage, with Venison from a buddy... I did 2:1 ratio and ended up with 47 lbs of finished Venison Summer Sausage... I ground and used #114 AC Legg seasoning and 1 oz per 25 lbs of meat... I added 1 cup of water per 5 pounds of meat... I...
  3. Matthew

    Bbq Cart

    Well I looked. This looked easy. So I decided to try. I have got stain tomorrow and put on the handle. Need to work on ash catching.
  4. Matthew

    Bulk Fresh Side Cure

    I was wanting to do a big cure on a fresh side. Minimum of a 1/2 side pieces. How would I do this?
  5. Matthew

    Bacon - Best Yet

    Cut up a Fresh Side in 4 pieces.. 3-4 pounds each Cured, in Brown Sugar and MTQ for 8 days... Rinsed, Overnight in fridge 10 degrees on a Christmas Morn.
  6. Matthew

    Cajun Bratwurst - Smoked

    I am going to smoke half and freeze half, with not smoke... I got my new stuffer in and away we went... My 7 year old got a good arm workout in.. I gathered about 2 lbs and will make in patties.. - - - Updated - - - I am going to cold smoke for 2 hrs tomorrow and then heat til 153.. I...
  7. Matthew

    Summer Sausage (delaying post)

    My meat. 10 lbs each, I will mix in batches of 2.5 lbs and each baggie representing 5 lbs of meat, with a teaspoon of cure... Here is the stuffed pic.. 2 sticks have added Hi Temp Cheese, Jalapeno and Habanerno.
  8. Matthew

    My First Charcuterie Double Play

    Bacon Sunday.... Summer Sausage Tuesday.. Bacon is on Day #7 of 10 in the fridge.. All good, not really lots of liquid in ziplock... Cold smoke for 3 hours and then heat to internal #152 Summer Sausage will be 75% Deer, 25% Pork Butt Using a 80% Cure 1 and 20% MTQ,. I got all but the hog...
  9. Matthew

    Doing a summer sausage soon

    I have MTQ. Is there a difference in quality or taste between using this or the Pink? 1 tsp to 5 lbs (pink) vs 1 tbsp to 1 pound (MTQ). Is the MTQ result in a saltier taste?
  10. Matthew

    Won a Local Open Competition..

    20 some entries.. Armadillo Eggs TEAM SCORE Slow n Easy 204.2688 Freddy Fudpuckers 195.7254 Exacta-Q 195.2368 They do not like garnish, so a few specks on carton.. They don't knock for that.. But I walked up to get my plaque, the guy told me I CRUSHED this entry..
  11. Matthew

    Bacon Wrapped Idea for BBQ Comp

    Entering a Local BBQ Comp and need a good idea for an Open Division I have done Armadillo eggs, ABT's and Moinks... All great. Got 2nd with the Armadillo eggs... I was thinking of doing another bacon wrapped idea... Maybe a Smoked Cheese, with beef or pork, wrapped with Bacon..throw in a...
  12. Matthew

    Mexican Street Corn. Bacon Wrapped Chx

    Tried my turn at Mexican Street Corn. It was delish. We normally don't carry mayo? Took a few from the grocery deli. Shhhhh. Mixed old bay with mayo. Bacon wrapped Chx and grilled taters. Delish.
  13. Matthew

    Lamb Kebobs

    Was cleaning out freezer and saw a Boneless leg of Lamb Roast.. So I thawed it out, Cubed it, Marinated it and Kebobbed it.. Here are the Pics. Firewire, Reg Skewer and 2 Shrimp skewer pieces.. Drink and Chimney Grillin, I call Fowl... What? Done Plated It was delish... I...
  14. Matthew

    Smoking Salts.

    I guess this is a new thing. With a pipe. I didn't do that. I smoked it on grill. With my new smoker tube. Sea Salt. Gourmet blend pellets. Done. And tastes. Well? Smokey.
  15. Matthew

    Brisket... Pull apart Flat/Point? Leave?

    I did my first brisket the other day, not really knowing where the Burnt ends came from, but all went well, and reheated the flat in a Slow Cooker with a mixture of Beef Broth and my bbq sauce.. About 4 hrs.. It was delicious... The Brisket from the smoker was delicious as well.. It cut great...
  16. Matthew

    Tonight Supper.

    Found some steaks on sale. Had some Asparagus and Taters. So it was a great night starting. Love me some bacon wrapped Asparagus. Plated. This supper was 'off the hook'.
  17. Matthew

    Smoke Tube/Log/Maze

    Any one better than the other? I oils only use it for cold smoking. i.e. Bacon. Cheese. Nuts.
  18. Matthew

    Salmon and Greens.

    Love Salmon and Asparagus. And love the fact that my kids eat both. Plated. Taste A+ Presentation. Lacking
  19. Matthew

    New cooks.

    I was hungry last night. Getting late. Ate. Grilled pork chops with my own bottled bbq sauce. Turkey bacon burger with sides. Both washed down with an adult beverage or 3.
  20. Matthew

    Chicken Bacon Ranch with Shrooms and Broccoli..

    And a Beer... My family still shakes their head when I say, WAIT... I gotta take a pic of this... Well my daughter scoots over my Beer and says here, gotta have this.. This was a preplanned meal, just a day late. Wife LOVED it.. It was good...