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    Selling my spare v4.2 and v4.3 HeaterMeter

    Hi all- Years ago I built a handful of Heatermeters (I wanted extra in case of issues - my original 4.2 is still working on my BBQ setup, though the LCD is starting to show its age and some wear issues after numerous years of use, which really don't matter much to me as I use wifi interface...
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    Multiple probe reflection throwing off my cooking alarms

    I'm near the end of my smoke and I'm seeing probe reflections between probe ports: The earlier part of this smoke session can also be seen in this thread...
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    Probes converge during cook ramp-up

    Anyone have thoughts why my thermoworks probes seems to converge to nearly exact and matching value in minutes when they get near the 80 degree mark in the graphs below? I'm cooking a brisket and have a probe in the point and the flat. I think I've seen this on some past smokes as well.
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    HM protection from rain

    While in another conversation I thought about this topic and decided to break it out into a new thread. Curious what everyone does for HM rain protection and possible options that might exist out there to spray/coat the electronics post-build. I'm seeing newer phones these days are coming with...
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    Autoset time to sync with browser in client mode

    I know some folks are using client mode and then using a cell phone or other means to login to the HeaterMeter. Would it be easy to set an option to "auto-update to browser time on login" type of feature? I know the "System/System" menu has a "Sync with browser" button. I think it'd be nice to...
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    HM Case Customizer on Thingiverse

    Why does the 1A+ Pi selection put a notch in the case near the RJ45 jack of the HeaterMeter v4.3? I guess I need a connectorless customization for the Pi 1A+? The wifi USB connector is inside the case on the Pi.
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    Multiplexing the TC port - Is it feasible?

    Curious if you all think this idea would be feasible as a "future upgrade". The HM already contains an optional single TC port (port 0) with the added SMC amplifier circuitry. Would it be feasible instead of installing the thermocouple jack to instead break out the TC signals and perhaps an...
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    Built 3 new 4.3 units this weekend

    Built 3 new version 4.3 units this weekend. Two were 3 probe/1 TC and the other was a 4 probe version. I like the new build design over the 4.2.4 and it was a breeze to put together (all three work flawlessly). I bought a Pi A+, Pi B+, and Pi Zero Wifi. A+/B+ are working great. I noticed Bryan...
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    4.3 Hardware - Buttons different

    I noticed there's a slightly different part on the Mouser project buttons project than the independent link contains. In the project it's a "PTS125SK85 LFS" whereas on the independent link it's "PTS125SM85 2 LFS". I ordered the project and noticed the buttons have small circles in the center of...
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    Help - HM broken?

    For a while I thought I've had probe noise issues but now the HM don't log valid temps for the probes anywhere. Curious if I can replace a part to get things working again. I resoldered and it didn't help. My thermocouple seems ok, just the probe readings are off the charts. I'm in the middle of...
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    Haywire Thermoworks Probes

    Is it time to resolder my HM? Outside temp is 27 degrees. HM was brought from indoors, hooked up and started for my chicken smoke. I started on A/C power, then switched to DC at the first probe change from 1-2. Then, I added another Thermoworks probe to see things. The two probes behaved with...
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    HM Probe acting up during ramp up period

    Anyone ever see HM do something like this with a probe? I smoked a prime rib tonight and you can see as my smoker neared the 200 degrees setpoint the power dropped off. But during that ramp up period the probe in the prime rib meat looked like it was quickly rising and then it fell back down to...
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    New Alarm Option for Time Of Day?

    When I cook Ribs I like to go 5 hours. I can probably write a cron job script to do what I want but I'm curious if it would make better sense to enhance the "alarms" page with another alarm that allows a setpoint to change when a "wall clock" time has been been exceeded? On my ribs I don't use...
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    The Meater (wireless meat thermometers) - Kickstarter project

    Check this project out. It has me VERY intrigued. I'm sitting here thinking "take my money, I want one".
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    How to set alarm-0L threshold from alarm-0H script

    I'm doing some scripting with the alarms and I cannot seem to get alarm-0L threshold set without manually doing it on the alarms page. I've tried some lmclient variations such as "lmclient LMST,pall0,100" and "lmclient LMST,al,,,100". But nothing seems to work? What I am trying to do is when my...
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    Thermo probes skyrocket

    My probe temps go crazy just after I set an alarm enabled. I enabled probe 1 and 2 to change setpoint to 140 when they reach 190 temp. About a minute after this I got notifications that my probes exceeded 190 and I seen this. Thoughts? I am...
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    microSD deal - 10 hrs 30 mins left

    Friend showed me this 1 day microSDHC deal today. Figured I'd post for those of you building these projects: 16GB microSD on sale for $5.49, normally $25.50 (78 percent savings) 32GB microSD on sale for...
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    Noisy Probes - Need Better Power Supply?

    I've tried a couple power supplies now and I have seen noisy probes with each. When I run on battery everything is good. Suggestions on a good power supply that won't give me noise? I've also seen a post or two about mods to add a 100k resistor and some capacitors. Am I one of the few that...
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    Config & Stash restores

    So, I screwed up my config playing around with some wifi configuration scripts and I had to start over. This got me pondering a few things: Is there a way to save off our 64MB config/stash region from end of uSD to a PC and restore it later? I notice configs appear to have a backup/restore but...
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    Did I break something on HM?

    I had a working HM that controlled a SSR within my electric smoker. The SSR was mounted inside the smoker and I discovered things were too hot there when the HM shutdown (LCD off) and I discovered that the blower control wires driving the SSR shorted together. I replaced the shorted wires...