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  1. Michelle in New Orleans

    Free 26" Weber kettle WITH NO LEGS on curb in New Orleans

    I'm not sure how to post a picture here, but there's a bottom and a top of a 26-inch Weber Grill on Rue Nadine in Algiers in an ad saying "Free 26" Weber kettle on curb." I snagged a copy of the grill photo he posted, but am not sure how to post it here. This grill has NO LEGS and appears to be...
  2. Michelle in New Orleans

    Cutting A Probe Thermometer Slot & Buying the Smoke

    Hello people! I used to come here regularly several years ago (some of you are still here!) but not so much over the past couple of years. Both my husband Brian and I had/have health problems and physical limitations and using his two 22-inch smokers has become somewhat difficult. Brian uses a...
  3. Michelle in New Orleans

    Smoked Red Bell Pepper Soup

    We not only smoke these red bell peppers for the soup, but we usually have a seal-a-meal bag of smoked red bells in the fridge -- we use them for sauces and on sandwiches, instead of an out of season tomato. This soup is to die for! Also, you can put the smoked bells in a seal-a-meal freezer...
  4. Michelle in New Orleans

    Helllo everyone

    I'm Michelle from New Orleans, LA. My husband and I have been smoking on a WSM forever -- maybe 30 years. I'd bought him a small smoker to start out and then we quickly went to the WSM and many years later, we now have two WSMs, both of them the larger model. Brian usually does the smoking...