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    Selling my spare v4.2 and v4.3 HeaterMeter

    Blue version 4.3 sold. Remaining Red version 4.2 @ $170 + shipping. PM if interested.
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    Selling my spare v4.2 and v4.3 HeaterMeter

    Hi all- Years ago I built a handful of Heatermeters (I wanted extra in case of issues - my original 4.2 is still working on my BBQ setup, though the LCD is starting to show its age and some wear issues after numerous years of use, which really don't matter much to me as I use wifi interface...
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    Multiple probe reflection throwing off my cooking alarms

    I usually do that with my builds but this unit was one of my early builds so I don't remember. I'll take apart the case and have a look inside.
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    Wireless Probes

    Only wireless probes I've seen are the Meater: I invested in their kickstarter more than 2 years ago and I still haven't received my probes and block. I think wireless that can withstand cooking temps is much more difficult than they thought it would be. I'd stick with the...
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    Multiple probe reflection throwing off my cooking alarms

    I'm near the end of my smoke and I'm seeing probe reflections between probe ports: The earlier part of this smoke session can also be seen in this thread...
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    Probes converge during cook ramp-up

    Anyone have thoughts why my thermoworks probes seems to converge to nearly exact and matching value in minutes when they get near the 80 degree mark in the graphs below? I'm cooking a brisket and have a probe in the point and the flat. I think I've seen this on some past smokes as well.
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    Wet HeaterMeter :(

    Take pictures and post. I'd like to see the extent of corrosion.
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    Built 3 new 4.3 units this weekend

    It can be washed under water if you need. It's literally disappearing glue.
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    General 3D Printing Thread

    boro glass, elmer's purple disappearing glue. Super simple, super smooth, and parts pop off the glass when it cools without a fuss.
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    PowerLine internet

    If it happens again, see if you have your HM plugged into a AFCU or GFCU outlet. I was having lots of noise issues long ago and they were only showing up on my outdoor outlet which is one of those AFCU/GFCU outlets. Bryan made the 60Hz noise fix which helped solve most of my issues there.
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    First Build = Fail (but this is how we learn, right?)

    You want it powered from the HM board. Powering from the Pi isn't enough to do everything you need in real use. Also, don't power both the HM and Pi at the same time. Read notes about that from this wiki page. Are you using a v4.2 HeaterMeter? There is a basic troubleshooting page here if you...
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    HM protection from rain

    While in another conversation I thought about this topic and decided to break it out into a new thread. Curious what everyone does for HM rain protection and possible options that might exist out there to spray/coat the electronics post-build. I'm seeing newer phones these days are coming with...
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    HM Case Customizer on Thingiverse

    Quick and dirty option could be to just cover the button/lcd/led holes with solid (keeping case dimensions the same) and put up a couple of support pillars to hold things squeezed together where the LCD stack item would have been? I know I never use the buttons/lcd but I build my units with them...
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    New Pi Zero Wireless!

    Thanks for the info. I must have missed that tidbit before. Guess I'll go back to openwrt on this unit then.
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    HM Case Customizer on Thingiverse

    I didn't have a problem on the screw hole side. I cut 3 rows of plastic on the side nearest the buttons.
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    New Pi Zero Wireless!

    I previously had the "openwrt-brcm2708-bcm2708-rpi-ext4-sdcard.img" image installed and working. I just tried upgrading my Pi Zero (non-integrated wireless version) connected to my 4.2.4 unit to the lede 4/9/17 build. I first tried via the "system/system" web flashing interface and then tried...
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    Autoset time to sync with browser in client mode

    I know some folks are using client mode and then using a cell phone or other means to login to the HeaterMeter. Would it be easy to set an option to "auto-update to browser time on login" type of feature? I know the "System/System" menu has a "Sync with browser" button. I think it'd be nice to...
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    HM Case Customizer on Thingiverse

    The datasheet of the red one I had shows 26.3 +/- 0.2. I did test the yellow LCD (with datasheet showing 25.2mm) and they fit perfectly. Would it hurt if you tweaked that 26.3mm to 27mm or 27.3mm on the lcd_neg function? I think things feel pretty tight in the case when I sandwhich them all...
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    HM Case Customizer on Thingiverse

    I don't think the bump out is needed. I don't mind the bump being there so it's probably just as simple to add the a+ to the connectorless option and keep it independent. Another thing you may want to mention is for folks to pay extra close attention on different LCD's fitting into the case. I...