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  1. Mike Durso

    Prototype and Breadboard stuff for kettles

    I should clarify, my comment regarding a "novelty" is about the question about the sweepers, not the 26. It's a nice partial convenience/feature. It works.... mostly. It keeps the appearance nice and tidy and a wind, the ashes contained. But fire it fire and it cooks the same.
  2. Mike Durso

    Prototype and Breadboard stuff for kettles

    I think if I told Weber I was going to suggest they use expanded metal for a product they wouldn't have cared for that idea.. even back then, lol!
  3. Mike Durso

    Prototype and Breadboard stuff for kettles

    At least the first go around of the reintroduced 26 was based on the dimensions of the original. However there was a change over since the original in general -steel legs and the aluminum tubing. Perhaps that aluminum tubing became thinner over time. So much of what I was working on was...
  4. Mike Durso

    Is This A Worthwhile Project or An Invitation to Insanity

    No. This was when I worked at Weber R&D and used an ACTUAL Summit gas grill cook box with charcoal. It was not damaged and it can be done. Then again, I did engineer it.
  5. Mike Durso

    Is This A Worthwhile Project or An Invitation to Insanity

    Well without actually looking at it, I'm sure it's fine as far as heat goes. Late 06 into 07 I designed and prototyped a gigantic charcoal grill that was in a Summit cook box and frame. From a few feet away it looked like a gas grill with one control -dual gas assist taken from the Performer...
  6. Mike Durso

    Prototype and Breadboard stuff for kettles

    Here are a couple of pics of a large indirect basket that's really meant for the 26. But you know.. that would have involved a whole second line of inventory. The option went to the existing smaller stamped indirect baskets. And the old rusty adjustable charcoal grate. It hooks on...
  7. Mike Durso

    Increased capacity to 4 racks by welding extension on grill strap

    Very cool -about 225 cool. Meanwhile.. you know this one goes to 11. I dig it!
  8. Mike Durso

    Results: 14.5" WSM Satisfaction Survey

    I have a bowl with stubby legs for an 18 that I now use as a fire pit. The amount of ash from an average overnightcook will fill the ash catcher a couple times. Add the fact that you'd have to wiggle that thing out when the grill was hot, operate the sweepers and stir up ash, etc.. It was a...
  9. Mike Durso

    Anyone else find that Whole Foods has the best meat?

    Living around Chicago, we have a few actual butchers, the Jewel food stores, Mariano's (the old Dominick's Chain) a few IGAs. I haven't noticed any difference except price. With Illinois being broke as a joke and taxed to the extreme (Chicago is the top city in the country that people leave) I...
  10. Mike Durso

    New here...restoring a 2004 Genesis Silver B...Endcap issue

    Take it to a local welder. They should be able to weld and grind it back on. Easy peasy.
  11. Mike Durso

    Living High On The Steer Tonight

    Looking good as always!
  12. Mike Durso

    Never seen one of this color before.

    I think it's the lighting. I could be wrong though -I often am!
  13. Mike Durso

    Results: 14.5" WSM Satisfaction Survey

    Also.. I found this old picture of me hard at work at Weber with an early form of the 22 WSM printed out on my desk. Looks like there was a one touch on the bottom –alas, it can’t hold all the ash of a long smoke. Photo by my friend Bill who worked in the test lab. There was another one of me...
  14. Mike Durso

    Also going tri-tip!

    I ended up getting a tip roast of about 3 pounds. Cherry chips and basic kingsford. Salt/pepper/garlic/sugar rub. - - - Updated - - - Oh.. and some Miller Lite and some jam bands on a Pandora station...
  15. Mike Durso

    Waukesha WI - Ranch Kettle on CL

    Not far from me at all... grrrrrrrrrrr
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  17. Mike Durso

    WSM Hinge Installed

    these hinges always make me nervous! esp in the wind! they look great a sturdy though.
  18. Mike Durso

    Tea Kettles

    I've had tea daily for.. HOLY CATS!!! Since the 90s! how did this happen? I've got a gas stove and always used the old timey silver one with the whistle. For some reason I never liked water heated with an electric element. (In Chicago our water is hard. Like our heads and our souls.)
  19. Mike Durso

    Also going tri-tip!

    Whelp.. I’m blaming everyone here (and at the other forum that I just posted at...) Cut/paste... This weekend I’ll get out the RED kettle that I don’t know if I’ve ever used it?? I may get out the adjustable lower grate or maybe the heavy duty incredible dude level wire baskets that I had...