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  1. Michelle in New Orleans

    Baked Bean Recipes

    We've been making these about 20 years now and have never served them to friends who did not ask for the recipe (it's the smoker)! Best Ever Baked Beans Recipe from “Cook’n Cajun Water Smoker Cookbook” by Sondra Hester. Serves 8 to 10 4 to 5 lbs. canned pork and beans 1/2 cup chopped onion 1/2...
  2. Michelle in New Orleans

    Do you use a Food Saver ?

    We got one about three years ago, Lynn, when they came out with a "vertical" model that I could keep on the counter. I knew we'd never use it if we had to haul it out every time we wanted to use it. Wish I'd have gotten it years before (Model No. V3425), as we use it all the time. We got several...
  3. Michelle in New Orleans

    Got my first Q....

    It would make a very nice wedding gift!
  4. Michelle in New Orleans

    Crazy Price on New 22” WSM

    I was surprised recently to read here how many people use and recommend the smaller WSMs. We have had two 22s for many years now even though it's just the two of us. But I am still surprised that Weber is discontinuing the 22. On a related note, Brian was recently shocked when I told him how...
  5. Michelle in New Orleans

    Update #2 for Barb

    Very happy for you both!
  6. Michelle in New Orleans

    Took a few pics, figured I might as well post them.

    Belated birthday wishes, Bob. Brian is in the runup to 72 which he'll be in June. Where did the time go anyway?
  7. Michelle in New Orleans

    Free 26" Weber kettle WITH NO LEGS on curb in New Orleans

    I'm not sure how to post a picture here, but there's a bottom and a top of a 26-inch Weber Grill on Rue Nadine in Algiers in an ad saying "Free 26" Weber kettle on curb." I snagged a copy of the grill photo he posted, but am not sure how to post it here. This grill has NO LEGS and appears to be...
  8. Michelle in New Orleans

    The Saddest Post I’ve Ever Done.

    Rich and Barb, I just read this and wanted you to know you're in my prayers. All is not lost, trust me. Brian is entering his 19th year of dealing with prostate cancer. We caught it very early -- I got him in a test group at LSU when they were seeking men between 40 and 50 with prostate cancer...
  9. Michelle in New Orleans

    ThermoWorks Smoke Review

    Thanks for the prompt reply, Bruce. And it's now $18 I'd have to have laying around! I had a hard time getting Chris's link to the Smoke to work as I want to go through here so I can support this site. I finally got it to take me there but now the site is taking forever to respond to my clicks...
  10. Michelle in New Orleans

    Cutting A Probe Thermometer Slot & Buying the Smoke

    Thanks. You must've remembered you always were one of my favorite posters, Bob!
  11. Michelle in New Orleans

    ThermoWorks Smoke Review

    I'm going to order my Smoke in the very near future. Just wondered if I should order an additional meat probe, as I've seen people complain in the past about the bend in a probe. I was thinking of getting a High Temp Straight Penetration Probe, as I think it would be useful to us in the oven as...
  12. Michelle in New Orleans

    Cutting A Probe Thermometer Slot & Buying the Smoke

    It' will be my pleasure to use that link when ordering it, Chris. Thanks for the heads up. I'm sure I will have questions or seek advice once we start using it and it's so nice to know this is a land of so many people willing to help others out. Appreciate the posts from both you Lews -- just...
  13. Michelle in New Orleans

    Great Grilled Wings

    I came here to see if the recipe I posted from Cook's Illustrated for wings grilled using a two-level fire (using two levels of hot coals) was still here as a friend wanted it and ended up reading this thread again. Had to laugh as looking back at the method we still use to grill chicken wings...
  14. Michelle in New Orleans

    Cutting A Probe Thermometer Slot & Buying the Smoke

    Hello people! I used to come here regularly several years ago (some of you are still here!) but not so much over the past couple of years. Both my husband Brian and I had/have health problems and physical limitations and using his two 22-inch smokers has become somewhat difficult. Brian uses a...
  15. Michelle in New Orleans

    Potato Gratin with Mustard and Gruyere

    I hunted for this recipe today, Jane, after reading about it in the Doug's Smoked Mushroom Dip thread. Sounds delicious. My husband is not a potato fan but loves cream sauces, Dijon mustard and fresh dill which we have growing outside in a pot though it's trying to poop out in this heat...
  16. Michelle in New Orleans

    Doug's Smoked Mushroom Dip

    Same here, Bob. I've got a pound of mushrooms I've got to use up and Brian, who's been sick for the last couple of days, has the "smoker itch," so I thought it would be something he could smoke quickly. I've been wanting to post a copy of the recipe all "put together again" with the changes...
  17. Michelle in New Orleans

    Wood Question

    When we use pecan wood, usually used with a fruit wood, too, such as cherry, apple or peach, we can really tell the difference. Perhaps try a bit more of the wood you use regularly when you use a different kind of wood. We can certainly distinguish the taste between hickory and mesquite, the...
  18. Michelle in New Orleans

    Doug's Smoked Mushroom Dip

    Just wanted to bump this up again so everyone would remember how delicious it is! It's a great dip for the holiday weekend, too. Just make sure you put some aside so you'll have some for YOU once your guests leave.... Thanks again, Doug. I re-wrote the entire recipe years ago using the...
  19. Michelle in New Orleans

    Anyone seen my Weber???

    All that snow looks so pretty to me but my husband Brian is from Marion, MA -- right near the entrance to the Cape. If he never sees another snowfall, it'll be too soon! Here in New Orleans, Christmas will be too hot for me -- in the mid to high 70s. Kind of warm for using the oven but we'll...
  20. Michelle in New Orleans

    Problem With Snake

    Many thanks, R. Extremely informative as well as helpful! --Mi