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  1. Drew Indy

    European Weber Pizza Oven on CL Indianapolis

    I thought one of you might be interested...
  2. Drew Indy

    WSM Smoke Day from Indianapolis

    Kept it simple because of all the race activities here in Indy over the weekend. We got home from the indy500 parade on Saturday around 3pm and got the kettle set up for indirect. Rubbed a 3lb chuck roast with s&p, montreal seasoning, and general purpose rub, then smoked for 4hours at 325 with...
  3. Drew Indy

    Anyone attending CCSFEST KCBS Comp. in Indy this weekend?

    Our team,"What the Blazes?!", will be competing in the CCSFEST KCBS category in Indianapolis this weekend. If anyone else is going to be there, stop by our cook site. We'd love to meet you.