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  1. J Bowie

    Bent Lid

    I need help on LID for 22.5 WSM. While cleaning my WSM at the car wash I dropped the lid from a worktable. The lid fell about three feet and landed on concrete floor. I thought it landed straight down but apparently it hit on the edge and consequently bent a section about 5 inches across the...
  2. J Bowie

    Pancetta from boston butt money muscle

    I read somewhere while back about using money muscle to make cured pancetta, Any help
  3. J Bowie

    Trout grilling

    I'm not much at cooking fish. I love to eat grilled rainbow trout fillets. I bought these yesterday and need some help cooking them on my WEBER Master Touch 22.
  4. J Bowie

    Killing 2 birds

    I will be smoking 2 small, 10-12 Lb turkeys. Using a 22.5 WSM will I be able to cook both on top rack only?
  5. J Bowie

    Salt free sausage recipe needed

    I have a brother in law who has strict orders to eat no salt. I have been able to make pork ribs and pulled pork without salt, but I know he loves him some sausage. I make sausage frequently but never without salt. I realize that the first requirement would be uncured because of the high salt...
  6. J Bowie

    Help on beef short ribs

    I will be attempting to cook beef short ribs tomorrow. My local HEB supplied 4 ribs individually cut . I cooked beef ribs once before and wasn't totally satisfied. I plan on using WSM 22.5 with no water in pan. Season and rub with salt and pepper. Will shoot for 250-265 temp and 200 IT. I...
  7. J Bowie

    Dome temp

    I have cooked 2 briskets at once on my 22 inch WSM several times. I put one on bottom shelf and one on top. I do not use water in pan. My bottom brisket runs 10 or more degrees hotter IT than top. I thought this was supposed to be the other way. My last cook I moved them both to the top about...
  8. J Bowie

    Crisp bark on edges

    When cooking large packer briskets on my 22 WSM, my last 2 cooks the ends of brisket, especially the flat get too well done because of heat being greater near the edge. Should I foil the tips after 4 or 5 hours? Cooking 225-250
  9. J Bowie

    Southco Compression latch

    Someone out there has instructions for installing Southco Compression latch on Cajun Bandit 22.5 door. HELLLLP!!!
  10. J Bowie

    Traveling with a Smoked Turkey

    I am smoking a Turkey for Christmas Eve. I will be smoking a fresh 15 pounder on Dec 22. The following day will drive 200 miles to Houston. Turkey will be eaten noon 24th. How is best way to care for this Salmonella carrier.
  11. J Bowie

    Out of round WSM

    I dropped my center section while installing wheels to unit. Lid now fits differently. I measured it and it's about 3/16 inch out of round. I saw somewhere how to straighten this. HELP
  12. J Bowie

    Looking for WSM 22.5 in Houston

    I have a son in Houston who saw my WSM and has decided to buy one. As of yesterday he had not found one. Wants new
  13. J Bowie

    Clamp or latch to connect charcoal chamber to main body

    I am learning the ropes on a 22.5 WSM. I have added the lid hinge, a 3rd rack for jerky and sausage, the Cajun Bandit door. I have concerns about the dangerof knocking the mid section off the base. I envision some sort of latch like found on luggage. Any ideas or comments.
  14. J Bowie

    Dome lid on 22.5 sticks when hot.

    I have had this smoker for a few weeks. I have cooked 4-5 overnighters and several short runs. I do not use any liquid or sand in water pan. As per several threads suggestion I let crud accumulate in door track and last night I went out at 4AM to check on two briskets, I couldnot open door...
  15. J Bowie

    Help with making beef jerky with cure on wsm

    I have made jerky a few times but have recently acquired a 22 WSM and want to try it out. My beef jerky contains cure so it can be stored out of fridge. I have some that is 2 months old and no problem. I usually heat to 165f max. Any help appreciated.