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  1. Jas E

    Why I like 3D printing in ABS

    Besides the added strength and slightly higher temperature durability, I love the finishing options that are available to you. With acetone treatments, I've been getting some great finishes with glossy sheens and rich colours. I just thought I'd share the results of my latest experiments with...
  2. Jas E

    Temporary power from my 18V Dewalt battery packs

    I mentioned in another post that I would be making a 3D printed adapter for my Dewalt 18V XRP Li-ion batteries to provide some *short term* relief during power outages. There are plenty of acceptable ways to solve this problem, but since I have lots of these Dewalt 18V XRP batteries and a 3D...
  3. Jas E


    I have 5 extra HeaterMeters for sale. They are the SMD model which will accept a Raspberry Pi B+. They come with a Yellow/Green screen, 1 thermocoupler jack, and 3 meat probe jacks. They are setup to use Maverick ET-73 probes (10k resistors). But can easily be reconfigured for other probes...
  4. Jas E

    Greetings from Vancouver, Canada!

    Hello everyone! I just scaled up my smoker capabilities this summer and welded together a Big Baby smoker from a few food grade barrels. Unfortunately, I only got one good cook in before a complete fire ban came down due to the extreme drought conditions we are experiencing. Doh! Luckily, I...
  5. Jas E

    HeaterMeter/OpenWRT for RPI 2?

    Has anyone tried compiling OpenWRT for RPI 2 for use with HeaterMeter? I know that has been possible to run OpenWRT on RPI 2 for quite a while now. The reason I ask is because RPI 2 boards are now significantly cheaper and more available than RPI 1 boards. It might be time to include the...