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    Smoked Chicken with Alabama White BBQ Sauce - Unexpected awesome smoke on a rainy day

    I go all out on Smoke Day and whenever time permits, I brine. I use this recipe below: Basic & Simple Chicken Brine Ingredients 1/2 cup kosher salt 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup maple syrup 2 quarts apple juice 1 to 2 - quarts water (part of this should be in ice form) Directions Place all the...
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    Smoked Chicken with Alabama White BBQ Sauce - Unexpected awesome smoke on a rainy day

    PLAN A (Crash & Burn) - I always have a plan going into Smoke Day, I choose the recipe weeks before and think about it in the run up. I order my shirts and wait with anticipation for them to arrive. The week before, I start to provision. This is where the problems began. I was going to smoke...
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    WSM Smoke Day 17 T-Shirts Now Available

    Mine on the way. Recipe chosen, just another Smoke Day!
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    Smoke Day - One Day Late - Maple Glazed Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

    Folks - Here is my cook for yesterday on my homemade "Little Smokey". I think that this might be the best, most beautiful cook I've ever done after 8 years of participating Smoke Day. My only regret is I didn't order my t-shirts in time for the commemorative picture of me and the food. I want...
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    What are you barbecuing on Smoke Day?

    Hickory Smoked Maple-Glazed Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin Been behind on prepping for Smoke Day this year. Ordered my shirts late and will not have them in time. :cry::cry::cry: Looked around the house and miraculously have all the necessary ingredients for this dish.
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    What Will You Smoke For Smoke Day This Year?

    Smoking Bologna for lunch sandwiches and Center Cut Pork Chops for dinner
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    Has anyone tried using a 14.5 charcoal ring in a 22.5

    I have the 22.5 and a family of 4. It gets used enough to justify it's place in the stable but the mini-WSM that I built probably gets more use and is more practical. Sometimes bigger is not always better as the 22.5 eats KB by the half bag. I use various sized rings and also place bricks...
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    Kingsford on sale yet?

    We have a sickness. I wait for this sale every year and stock up. I now have 200lbs of charcoal and 5 bbqs. I'm also ordering meat online now too. When will it stop?
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    Ribs- just wondering what this does, and if you have a special method.

    2 weeks ago, I made 3-2-1 ribs and realized I was out of Parkay. I used real butter and brown sugar instead and they were definitely tastier. No apple juice used. They were so good, we did not sauce them at all.
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    Aaaaaaaaand, we're smoking. Pit master roll call . . .

    Continuing the tradition in Huntington, NY. Smoking......Bologna! I've been too busy to plan a special smoking event this year, so I'm keeping it simple. I book marked this over the winter, and it's a great compromise for a lazy smoking day. Malcolm Reed's BBQ Bologna
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    Is the varscona pot dead?

    Loved building my mini. Don't think I would have just gone and bought a 14. I have a WSM 22. Right now, I'm considering a Mini-Za build. It's only the shortage of IMUSA and Vasconia pots that is stopping me.
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    Clamp or latch to connect charcoal chamber to main body

    I always had similar concerns of tipping and stuff. When the mid section is loaded up, it's pretty heavy and stable. All that being said, this mod below helps make it more stable and gets you the benefit of grilling capabilities too. - Weber Egg...
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    The Pizza Quest continues... Now with Kettle Pizza (long)

    Sorry, I haven't read every line of the entire thread so this may have been proposed before. How about a terra cotta pot bottom that is inverted? I was planning to make a mini-za and put this in the lid somehow.
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    A New Creation for Me

    Totally awesome pics and awesome meal. Your camera seems great. I ventured into lamb this summer too and was pleasantly surprised.
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    Which one of you wiseguys is selling this "like new" grill?

    This appears to be grill abuse. This poor grill needs to be adopted and restored to it's full Weber glory; what a shame.
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    Second time on our new to us WSM at a loss as to why the temp problem

    Rich - You are doing everything correctly in that consistency matters so much. The number of coals, how you light them, when to dump the chimney are all key steps. I remember that my first few cooks had temp swings that are no longer happening because I became rigidly consistent. I suggest...
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    Tony Chachere's Smoked Turkey Legs

    I wouldn't say these were total failures. They were tasty but a bit too smokey. I've got a deep queue of recipes to try out, so unless something is awesome, it goes in the cookbook and sits there indefinitely. I was pleased with Tony Chachere's injection and will use that again for sure.
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    Tony Chachere's Smoked Turkey Legs

    Made these today. I smoked them a bit too much so the smokey flavor was dominant. I highly recommend the marinade and seasoning as they are very flavorful on their own. I don't think I'll be making them again.
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    California Tri Tip in Wisconsin

    I just made my first Tri-Tip 2 weeks ago. It was buffalo meat from Wild Idea Buffalo. It is an awesome cut of meat. Unfortunately, living on the east coast, I have no idea how to get this cut locally. Does anyone know if it goes by a different name on the east coast? I would love to just...
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    Tony Chachere's Smoked Turkey Legs

    Making this recipe on Sunday. Any tips would be appreciated!