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    Wanted, Old Style Ash Pan

    I am looking at buying a red MBH kettle and it is missing the ask pan like the one pictured below. I thought I saw somewhere on this site where someone had posted a link to an aftermarket one but I can’t find it. If you know of an original or aftermarket for sale could you please let me know...
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    Inkbird Sous Vide

    Anyone here have experience with an Inkbird Sous vide appliance? I like the ANOVA stainless one but with taxes it is $300 Canadian which is too rich for me and the Inkbird is only $110. I have heard people on here talking about the Inkbird thermometers but not the Sous vide so thought I would...
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    Worlds Largest Cast Iron Skillet

    Looks like Lodge has a new size Skillet!
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    Burner cover refurb

    I had a side burner cover with the dreaded burn mark on it and decided to try sanding it. This is after half an hour of hand sanding with 3M 320 grit Automotive wet/dry sandpaper. It has some texture/grain marks to the finish (so sand in straight lines with the grain) but actually less than the...
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    Pizza/Rotisserie Ring Deal Canada

    Here is a good deal on an OnlyFire combo pizza/rotisserie ring on
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    Test - Painting Stainless Steel

    Got a local shop to fabricate some Z bars for me. Decided to test painting stainless steel to see if I was satisfied with it. Applied four coats of Rustoleum self etching primer and the next day baked at 275 for an hour. The next day applied three coats of Krylon Dual super bond and the next...
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    Rusty Rack

    I have a Silver C where the bottom rack shelf has rusted. What is the best way to clean the rust off other than sand blasting?
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    Paint Crinkling

    What causes the paint to crinkle like this? Only appeared on the second coat. Too short or long between coats? I used two different brands of paint but it did not do it everywhere. I also used primer on a few areas but did not get this on the first coat.
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    Is this a Weber

    Handle says Weber but? No one touch cleaning system, legs look like they are bolted through the bowl and the damper is bolted on instead of riveted. Just seems weird...
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    Refinishing Weber Emblem

    I have a few questions about refinishing the Weber emblem on the older Genesis grills. 1. Do you sandblast or use paint stripper to remove the black paint or just paint over it. Some of it is flaking off in between the letters on mine. 2. What grit of sandpaper do you use to sand off the paint...
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    3000 flip up table question

    Are the wood slats on the left flip up table on the Genesis 3000 the same length as the side shelf ones? If not, could someone give me the length please. From pics I see they look longer. The flip shelf was missing from mine and I got the hardware from Bruce and just need to make the slats...
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    CGA Offset Plate

    After seeing these on Aussi and European sites for indirect cooks, I decided to make one since I couldn’t buy one here in Canada. Took an old scrap piece of SS. formed it to fit 2/3 of the grate area then cut the grate to give me a small size to fit in the bottom if cooking a larger piece of...
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    gasket Recomendation

    I am modding my Onlyfire pizza attachment, by covering the pizza opening, to make it into a rotisserie ring. I would like to seal the cover with a gasket and wondered if anyone could recommend a Good gasket brand. Need something that will handle higher temps than the 225 to 250 of a smoker...
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    Rotisserie Ring Specs

    I have a pizza ring for my 22” Kettle and want to modify it to use as a rotisserie ring. I am going to cover the pizza opening with a removable cover but I need the size and positions of the rotisserie spit rod hole and slot. If someone could provide these I would appreciate it. Thanks. Richard.
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    Sam’s Club Oven Cleaner question

    Is it safe to use Sam’s oven cleaner on the inside of the Weber Q grills on the aluminum? I am worried that I might get it on the outside and it would strip the powder coating off. Any suggestions or advice?
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    Cornbread with cream corn question

    I have always made cornbread from a recipe that does not include cream corn. I have seen a couple of recipes that call for it. Does it make it more moist or flavourful? Let me open up the hornets nest and ask what people think is best. 😀
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    Genesis Silver frame Question

    Is the frame on this model the same as the Silver C without doors? I am thinking of combining the good parts of two grills to make one. Thanks, Richard.
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    Durawood Question

    Since I have never seen a grill with Durawood I am not sure they were sold in Canada or at least not on the East coast. Are they wood with a special coating or a plastic replica of wood? Just curious! Thanks.
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    New Viewing Rule

    After viewing Jim Lampe’s tritip post the wife called for lunch. Cucumber sandwiches! Man, that wasn’t going to cut it after Jim’s pics! 🙁 So from now on, NO viewing the forum Photo section until AFTER supper. 😂 And I am not going to stoop low enough to post cucumber sandwich pics on this...
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    Treating Aluminum Oxide

    Since the the white aluminum oxide that forms on the fireboxes and end caps is essentially the same as rust on steel, is there a treatment for it like rust encapsulator to seal it in and keep it from coming back? Or is it not an issue of it coming back once you have painted over it? Thanks...