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    Candied Yams

    Smoke doesnt go with everything My sweet potatoes are cut into wedges, cooked with sugar , a touch of flour, tad of lemon juice and nutmeg, with a little water so they make a sweet syrupy glaze. Still have body, edges get slightly chewy. Not mush slices drowned in syrup with marshmallows on top.
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    When is the fire ready for smoking?

    It depends on a few things. Not the least of which is the airflow, and how consistent it is. Rapidly igniting cold coals generate thick white smoke, regardless of if you have wood there or not. I will tell you that when you get into a cook a little bit, and its stable, and you've got...
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    First pork butt cook underway - temperature concerns

    You really never need to stress over temperatures unless you got a deadline. Everything between 225 and 300 Cooks about the same....hotter just faster, better outside bark
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    New Case Option for HM v4.3.6/RPi ZeroW

    My number one gripe about the case is.. it's too lightweight. It's honestly not heavy enough to stay in place with the stiff lan cable that's used for blower. I've actually considered bolting mine to an inclined wooden block..., My number two gripe, is it's not even water resistant. It's...
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    First pork shoulder smoke—too large?

    No size doesn't matter where the pork butt you're not going to come out dry. In fact I would say the standard size is closer to 10 lb. 6 to 8 is pretty small imo. One guy here did 8 pork butts at once in his wsm18 a few years ago. Stiood them on their edge, 4 on each grate
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    Sticking lid, how to clean it?

    Oven cleaner followed by hose
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    Adding grommet(s) to the WSM

    I think you got a lot of votes here that say don't bother and I agree with that.... It was well intentioned it's just a p i t a to stick a probe actually through.....
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    What do you do with ash?

    I've done a lot of Ash in my yard and it just goes away when it rains and no it does not kill the grass in fact wherever it's dump the grass grows higher
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    Can I foil bottom grate/what can I put under ribs to make them fit?

    There's nothing wrong with cutting your ribs in half, or even taking a little bit off the ends that's going to end up dry and hard anyway. You might lose one rib meat to the overcooked end effects cutting them in half.... Small price to pay.... Even though it is one of your best ribs that you...
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    Sodium Erythorbate

    Cure works almost instantly.......... What takes the time is diffusion through meat thickness. When i cure jerky ... You can see the color change before your eyes. If you massage strip of meat around in a ziplock with cure a few minutes a quarter inch thick strip of beef is totally changed...
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    Don't call the Fire Dept, Its just your neighbor starting his kettle!

    Quite a lot of people have used starter fluid over the years. That's what my dad did to get charcoal going, never had any kind of chimney. I might admit to doing that once or twice in my life as well. If you've actually got the time to let it get hot and burn all the fluid off I suppose...
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    Don't call the Fire Dept, Its just your neighbor starting his kettle!

    I avoid Kingsford and I don't have those problems.....
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    How much charcoal

    You can always sprinkle salt on it while it's frying in Skillet
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    Fireboard 2 drive

    I've always spread my coals out evenly on top, closed it up and let the controller do its thing. The controller is there to make my life easy. Now I have a damper also so that shuts air off completely. If you light too many coals and overshoot, without the ability to close the air off, it's...
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    Pastrami time

    Sadly, the pastrami is all gone. 😟 It fell victim to Reuben sandwiches. This was basically half a brisket..... Lasted a couple days. If I had never eaten one, I would have never thought sauerkraut on a sandwich could be that good. .... I mean, it never would have crossed my mind to put...
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    Problems changing wifi

    I've accidentally reset config so many times scrolling through the screen with the buttons on the device....... That I just use it in access point mode now. It's ridiculous to have that reset config that easily happen. The buttons sometime trigger when they should not when you're scrolling...
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    22 WSM Arbor fab basket & Cajun Bandit 3 grate bracket kit?

    I have an 18 and I simply extended my basket with expanded metal. If you can cut it to size somehow, you can do this cheap. Nothing against purchasing a basket but you can modify yours pretty easy. I also don't use a water pan, you can put any kind of metal dish in there with water on top...
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    Bob's Bacon

    Yummy. Reminds me I need to make some bacon. My favorite way is just apply The tender quick and put maple syrup in the bag too. It doesn't need to be any more complicated. I don't really care for black pepper taste on bacon personally.... Or other spices. I have never had a problem with my...
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    Pastrami time

    I dry cure as well. Ive smoked to everything between 203 and 165 in past. I kind of like going to 150 and then steaming . I think it worked well. I stretched the smoke time out this time using lower temperature, i like it. It had more of a smoke flavor to it.
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    Pastrami time

    So for the first time, I didn't smoke my pastrami to completion. I slow smoked it to 150F and then let it spend overnight in the refrigerator.... And then steamed it in the oven. Simple to do in a roaster pan in the oven just put a rack in the bottom and pour in a little bit of water cover it...