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    Weber Badge Restore

    If money is not an issue, check out the high heat version of POR15. I've used regular POR15 before and the coating is super hard and durable.
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    Meat Thermometers

    The Javelin Pro Duo was around $40 while the Thermo Pro TP19H was $21. Both were purchased on sale.
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    Meat Thermometers

    So after the bad experience with the Thermopro TP620, which didn't provide accurate temperature readings and also had poor build quality, I decided to give Thermopro one more try since you guys here seem to rave about the brand. Anyway, I'm happy to report my new TP19H is light years better...
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    Spirit II (Natural Gas) grill won't sear.... (warning: Manifesto!)

    Wow, you got the flavorizers glowing red hot. I'd like to see a video of that thing sear a fatty ribeye.
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    Spirit II (Natural Gas) grill won't sear.... (warning: Manifesto!)

    I agree, perfect doneness is more important than perfect sear, but it's best when you achieve both. I find steak photos to be useless without images of the doneness level, so here's the inside shot of the ribeye I posted earlier. It was cooked on the Q1200.
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    New Stainless Grate question

    To prevent sticking on my 8mm 304SS grates, I preheat the grill then use a paper towel gripped by a pair of tongs to apply a thin layer of oil to the grates. I find this method requires less oil than oiling the food. It allows me to grill chicken wings without losing the skin to the grates.
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    Spirit II (Natural Gas) grill won't sear.... (warning: Manifesto!)

    Here's a ribeye done on my q1200 when it was brand new. It used to get up to 600f when it was new. Now it maxes out around 500F on the hood thermometer, but still does a decent job searing. My BK Signet actually gets hotter than the Q1200. It can pin the hood thermometer at 700F, and...
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    Spirit II (Natural Gas) grill won't sear.... (warning: Manifesto!)

    I see some browning, but I wouldn't be happy with the results. Was that done with the lid up or down? Imo, Weber Q's do a pretty good job searing steaks, while also minimizing flare ups.
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    Q1200 Sale Prices Anywhere?

    Wow, $50 is a deal. Where I am, q1200's are really overpriced and rarely seen on sale. The current price is $350cad. I bought a new one a couple years ago, and despite the high price, the warranty duration and customer service was garbage. Mine had just passed the 2 year mark when I called...
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    When you want to be SURE about the temperature!

    maybe the guy was tired of being told his q100 is inferior to the q120
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    Spirit II (Natural Gas) grill won't sear.... (warning: Manifesto!)

    I agree. Sounds like the OP is looking for the kind of performance obtained from charcoal, using a vortex or chimney to create an extemely hot fire. The downside of sous vide is that it just isn't easy to achieve a sear after meat has been cooked in a water bath. The meat usually has too much...
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    Meat Thermometers

    Lowest price I've seen is $30cad (around $23usd) for the TP620 during Canadian Amazon Prime Day. I picked one up as a spare instant read thermometer, and was really looking forward to finding a good alternative to my Javelin Pro Duo, but the TP620 ended up being a dud. The readings were very...
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    Old Q gas controller

    FYI, Stanbroil now sells a gas regulator/ valve assembly for the weber Q.
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    ThemoPro's best instant read thermometer on sale for $39.99 - 1 Day Only

    These are $33 CAD (25usd) on canadian primeday today. I already have a Javelin Pro, but i bought one to use as a spade.
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    Is It Safe to Use Corningware French White Bakeware (Casserole Dish) on our Gas Grill?

    Pyrex and corningware don't like sudden temperature changes or large temperature differentials. I wouldnt use it on a grill under direct heat because it can cause a large temperature differential between the bottom and sides. Indirect heat is probably ok at moderate temperatures. When these...
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    Weber Electric Temp Connector Questions

    I think it depends on the climate. Where I am, there is so much humidity in the spring, fall, and winter that the inside of my Q rains condensation regardless whether I cover it or leave it uncovered. Weber probably put that line in the instructions to minimize the chance of moisture...
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    Best Color For A Q1200?

    I have a green one
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    Rotisserie Crispy Skin

    Isn't that what nandos chicken places do before grilling the chicken? They partially cook the chicken in water then finish it off on the grill. Chinese bbq duck is "bathed" in hot water before it's roasted. The skin is also separated from the flesh before it's bathed with water.
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    Not a lot of attachments for the 14 WSM but!

    I just dug up my thread from several years ago. I forgot I had recorded the details. See the photo. The bird did not get burnt even though I had all the charcoal lit. But I would agree it would be risky to do direct fire on a regular kettle...
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    Genesis Platinum C

    The 24v xli line got orphaned.... But I agree with your comment, ridgid has kept their 18v line backwards compatible for a very long time. You can use their most current lithium ion battery on an old 15+ year old drill that originally came with nicad batteries...