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    Any Walking Dead fans here?

    Ive been watching since day one; saw the first episode many times as I sat family/friends down saying, "here, watch this!". Got them hooked too! Almost gave up when Negan killed Glenn - that was a tough episode to watch! I stuck with it though & I'm kinda bummed that it's over...
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    Top Gun Maverick

    Just got back from seeing it - they pulled it off - great movie. Maybe better than the first? Anybody else go see it?
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    Flavored charcoal

    Anyone tried this yet? Would you?
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    Computer expert needed

    My better halves brother passed away last month. We've inherited his laptop - a Dell inspiron 5100 that I believe is running windows 10. We'd like to know what is on it but don't have his password. It looks like you can either enter a pin or a password depending on which "account" you choose in...
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    For the bacon lovers

    Anyone tried bakin' bacon? Oh my lord - it's a whole other level of heaven!
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    Lemon Pledge

    Growing up, my mom used lemon pledge to clean the furniture. Even after that, the better half uses it also. After all these years, it has absolutely ruined me for lemon flavored food. Fish with lemon juice drizzled over it? No thanks. Lemon chicken? Gross. Anybody else have something similar...
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    The supernatural & E. T.

    Got any stories you'd like to share? Ghosts? UFOs? Bigfoot? Something unexplainable? This is the most civil forum with the greatest group of people that I know of - let's keep it that way. Someone else's reality may not be your own reality. Be cool. What have you seen? I'll start: When I was...
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    Wood care

    So we got a new wood 4 post king size bed. Walking around the corners of the bed, we're both grabbing/touching the posts. I know, I know - don't do it but... Does anyone here have any product recommendations that we can apply that will protect it/ keep it looking tip top? Somehow, I don't think...
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    Jealous devil charcoal review

    Stumbled onto this very unscientific review of Jealous devil charcoal vs Kingsford: About halfway down, there's a link for B&B charcoal review: And a...
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    Rip Michael Collins

    Lost another Apollo astronaut. Everything I've seen or read, Michael Collins seemed like a really cool guy.
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    I know this is a bbq website but, I couldn't resist posting a pic. It's a cold rainy day here so we put a butt in the crock pot & slow cooked some carnitas today! Not in the pic is chips & guacamole...
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    This one is for you Chris!

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    Anybody know what kind of spiders these are? They're tiny - 1mm or so in diameter.
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    Lowes kbb sale

    I know we're all holding out for the labor day charcoal sales (hopefully they come through this time). l got a local Lowes ad dated 8/27 - 9/9 showing kbb 2 packs for $16.99. Ymmv. They also have 16# Ridge charcoal for $4.98 a bag. Never heard of them - anyone tried it?
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    Lowes Kingsford sale

    Got a local Lowes ad dated 6/11 through 6/24 2 20# bags for $16.88. Not a great sale, but if anyone is running low... Again - Local flyer - Ymmv
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    Bacon wrapped pork loin - how would you cook it?

    Swimbo, in an effort to bring home meat of any kind, picked up a bacon wrapped pork loin. Problem is, I have no idea what to do with it. Anybody have some ideas?
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    Any guitar hacks here?

    Fender is offering up 3 free months of their online guitar learning course, Fender Play. Pretty awesome deal to help people get through the Corona outbreak.
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    School me on "bark"?

    What is a "good" bark? Thickness? Texture? Flavor? Is it the same consistency for pork vs beef? I bbq'ed a tri-tip & the bark came out quite different than I've ever had before, so now I'm confused...
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    Grilled Bacon wrapped shrimp w/peach glaze

    Stumbled onto this recipe & made these the other night. The recipe calls for tobasco, which we didn't have. We did have Pico Pica hot sauce that I substituted in place of tobasco. I added Pico Pica to the glaze to taste. Since it's just the two of us, I cut the glaze recipe in half and...
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    Osh going out of business

    Osh is done, kinda sad - I liked them alot. Anyway, keep a lookout for close-out sales. So far the store near me has everything in-store %10 off.