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  1. Sam Bee

    Which Weber 1000 grill should I buy?

    BTW, the one with the blue hood is a Silver B and I think it's the special edition one due to the dual fold up tables. There are a lot of parts available for that grill unlike the 1000 due to it being the newer one of the 2.
  2. Sam Bee

    Which Weber 1000 grill should I buy?

    The grill looks good in the pics but it's hard to tell the actual condition from pics alone. You'd have to go and check it out in person. One major area is to check for rust in the area where the firebox connects to the frame.
  3. Sam Bee

    Which Weber 1000 grill should I buy?

    Oooh, that's a nice one...double swing tables and the blue lid as well.
  4. Sam Bee

    Is this a confessional?

    I agree. Having both is very nice.
  5. Sam Bee

    Roadside find - Genesis E320 -2009 sidewinder

    Nice find! Looks like the cabinet can still be saved...?
  6. Sam Bee

    Weber 2022 Genesis S-335 Conversion LP>NG

    Yup, swapping it with the gas manifold for that said grill would be your best bet.
  7. Sam Bee

    Is 2-zone cooking easier on the newer N-S burners than the old E-W style? How about searing?

    I'd get some stainless grates if I were in your position since they're easier to maintain and (depending on the type of stainless), won't rust out as fast as CI. And with a baby on the way you'll probably be needing more time and and attention to your kid than on maintaining your grill.
  8. Sam Bee

    Should I replace the grates?

    Yup, replace with stainless.
  9. Sam Bee

    Another Genesis 1000 rehab, FB marketplace find for free

    Nice pick up! How's the slide out grease tray? From the pics it looks to be in good condition (hopefully no holes). Those are hard to find nowadays.
  10. Sam Bee

    I said the last one was the last one again............

    Nice find! Pretty sure that won't be "the last one" lol.
  11. Sam Bee

    Was just gifted a Genesis 900 !

    Nice score! Take care of that grill and it will take care of you. How are the bars and grates? I'd upgrade them to stainless if they are about to go.
  12. Sam Bee

    SS Grates for Genesis (2022) EPX-335

    Gotcha...yah, sounds like stainless rods and a chargon would be a good set up for you then. Hoping RC can make a set for you.
  13. Sam Bee

    Newbie with an old Genesis--learning to refurb!

    Yup, a nice sidewinder or classic Silver or X000 series grill with a side burner would be good to have since you already have a NS grill.
  14. Sam Bee

    SS Grates for Genesis (2022) EPX-335

    Congrats on your new grill and welcome to the board! Not to open up a can of worms (or Pandora's box) but what about Grill Grates? There are mixed feelings on those on this board but I'd think they would be better than the cast iron grates you have.
  15. Sam Bee

    I found my Platinum C!

    Nice find! As far as the burners go I'd stick with OEM if possible. Here's one on Ebay that won't break the bank...
  16. Sam Bee

    New member with some inquiries

    Nice find! As far as the lid goes I would swap it with an enamel one....a redhead or even a black, blue, or green one would look nice. I'm hoping the cabinet is not badly rusted as that is the weak point of that grill. If it is then converting it to an open cart would look nice as well.
  17. Sam Bee

    Wagyu Searing Advice

    I tried the A5 wagyu from Costco and would just season it with salt before searing. Also, would recommend searing it on a flat top, griddle or pan as opposed to on the grill because that melted fat would just cause a grease fire. I cut mine into thinner strips and just seared both sides for a...
  18. Sam Bee

    Was just gifted a Genesis 900 !

    No worry cuz, I was born and raised on Oahu but have been living on the mainland since 99. Yah, if you can, look for a Weber 1000-5000 series grill or a Silver/Gold/Platinum B/C up in your area. IMO, both are easy to rehab and parts are easier to find.
  19. Sam Bee

    Was just gifted a Genesis 900 !

    Yup, if it were me I would skip the 900 and pick up/rehab the Silver C as replacement parts are easier to find I believe. But I must resist the urge to go get it as I don't need another grill (says the wife).
  20. Sam Bee

    Was just gifted a Genesis 900 !

    Aloha and welcome! Yup, I would look for another grill as others have said, a x000 series or SilverGold/Platinum. Here's one that's worth the drive if you really want it (if still available)...