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    Beef Loin Top Sirloin Cap

    I believe there's 2 in that package, but yes Picanha is usually around 3 lbs on average.
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    Where to buy Rubs/sauces

    The BBQ HQ in Simi Valley isn't too far from you. Also check your local Ace Hardwares.
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    Charcoal recommendations??

    I think JD is worth it, best lump I've used. For briquettes, B&B is the way to go imo.
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    Charcoal Sales?

    You guys with Academy are lucky, the rest of us have to pay $14 a bag at Ace.
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    Charcoal Sales?

    Costco Kingsford Pro for $16.50 seems to be the best deal so far?
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    Best charcoal?

    Just started using this lump from Sam's Club called "The Good Charcoal Company". Lump pieces are on the smaller side, but it seems to last as long as Jealous Devil. Price is about $12 for a 15.4lb bag. Only done 2 cooks with it, but impressed so far.
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    Kingsford crazy smoke

    Yup, night and day difference between Kingsford and B&B.
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    Lump+Briquettes Combo

    I accidently did this last cook. There was a decent amount of B&B lump left over in my WSM, so I added B&B briquettes to fill in the gaps. I felt I got the consistent temps of briquettes and a bit of the lump flavor I like.
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    St Louis or just Spares?

    I have a hard time with rib tips, how do you guys cook em?
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    What is everyone's favorite charcoal?

    Costco currently has Kingsford Professional on sale, how does it compare to B&B briquettes?
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    Beef back ribs - sauce or dry?

    No sauce for sure on beef ribs.
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    What is everyone's favorite charcoal?

    Nice collection, I've tried everything there except for B&B XL and Kamado Joe. Which is your favorite?
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    St Louis or just Spares?

    St. Louis for me, not much of a rib tips fan.
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    Clean your Kettle ??

    I brush the grate before and after every cook. Once in a while I'll lightly scrape the inside of the lid and bowl to get the flaking buildup off and then hit the outside with simple green to shine her up.
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    Top grate on new 18.5 keeps falling in

    Wow, glad I found this post. I just scored an 18" WSM locally for $100 and have the same issue. If you move the grate completely to one side, it will fall off. This does not happen on my 22" WSM. I'm probably going to add a few washers like recommended here and see if that fixes it.
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    Does your WSM have a favorite temperature zone?

    My WSM 22 is weird, I have to fiddle with vents for the first 3 hours to maintain temps, but after the 3 hour mark, the temp hardly moves, usually likes to settle around 270-280 and wont move from there. This is with an empty foil wrapped water pan.
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    Harry Soo can't be right....

    I bury wood chunks in my kettle and WSM, great results every time. I will say I've never used 8 chunks, more like 2-3 for chicken, 3-4 for ribs, 4-5 for pork butts and brisket. Here's a video comparing chunks on top vs buried.
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    Post Oak

    I've had good luck with B&B wood chunks, not so much with Western.
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    30" Kettle - Would You?

    I might be interested, but first I want a 26" Performer.
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    What is everyone's favorite charcoal?

    Just started using JD lump, really good stuff. Have you tried the JD briquettes?