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  1. Chris Z

    Update from the Weber CEO - SmokeFire related.

    Looks to be the first time I've seen Weber acknowledge there have been issues with the SmokeFire launch.
  2. Chris Z

    Summit Charcoal Grilling Center Question

    Quick question: Does the charcoal bin on the Summit Charcoal Grilling Center attach to bottom shelf at all? I came across what I think is a great opportunity to buy a Summit Charcoal Grilling Center this weekend. It apparently was a left over floor model. However, the Charcoal bin is just...
  3. Chris Z

    My eBay deal - 99 Performer Red Head!!

    I was going through my eBay feed last week when a EE Code Performer Touch N Go Red Head popped up. The owner had it listed for "parts or not working". He had it listed for a starting bid of $39.95 or $64.99 Buy it Now. I spoke with him a few times and he said it needed a new lower bowl and one...
  4. Chris Z

    2015 Weber Covers

    I just bought a restored Genesis 1000 Redhead from member Alejandro DK and wanted to make sure I had a cover for it for when I brought it home. While I was on the phone with Weber on Thursday for some unrelated warranty issues with a part I bought while restoring my Genesis Gold C, I ordered a...
  5. Chris Z

    Greetings from Long Island!!

    Hi All, Been here lurking here off and on for a little bit and learned a bunch of useful information. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone and looking forward to participating! I really love reading all about all your experiences here. :)