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    Water Pan Cover

    I saw this on eBay and thought it looked useful. Anyone used this?
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    WSM n stine trade

    I have a 22.5 in One Touch Thati have added a Center Ring and Lid too from a 09 WSM. Long Story, let's say a truck and WSM bowls don't mix. Looking to trade for a good condition 18.5 WSM. I don't care on the ventage. I can send pictures.
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    Added Third Grate

    Morning Team, Added a third grate to my 22.5. Cooked the first time on it this past weekend, and had a hard time getting temp past 180. Weather was heavy and no wind, I had all three vents wide open. Do we think that the addition of the third grate changed the thermodynamics of the cooker?
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    Dirty Cajun Bandit door

    Got my Cajun Bandit door and latch and must say... LOVE IT! Now it's dirty, I might even call stained. So far I have tried soap and water and stainless cleaner to no avail. Anyone have tricks to clean their Cajun Bandit door? Here is a pic...
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    Waited until I was an owner

    I have been wanting a WSM for many years and finally scored one! I competed on a COS for about 2 years and was ready for an upgrade! I have a 22.5 kettle (with the three dampers) and now a 22.5 WSM. I live in the Springfield, Mo area. Looking forward to learning this great piece of equipment.
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    New WSM 22.5 in the cold.

    I have a brand new WSM 22.5. First cook today and it's windy and cold, 20 mph wind chills at 5. It seems to be cooking upside down. The top grate is 20-30 degrees colder than the bottom. Has anyone ever experienced this? Thanks Much Shand Republic, MO