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    cover for RANCH grills

    I ended up finding something similar on Amazon. Don't love it. I'd prefer it be something made for it but I'd rather keep the rain off it so I went for it.
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    cover for RANCH grills

    Instead of starting a new thread I thought I'd see if there were any updates on covers for Ranch Kettles. I looked at the cover store site and it definitely looks like a decent option. I havent measured but I assume its the 48"?? Anyway, does anyone know of any covers made for or that work...
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    Weber Ranch: How Much Charcoal to hit 350?

    Lot's of good info here but I'll add my experience. I've had the ranch for a little while and what I'd say is there are so many variables to be able to answer one way. For example, the first reply says two full chimneys. I have used one and got 350 for over an hour. But I only needed enough...
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    Smoking on a Kettle and temp help.

    The trick is figuring out how many lit coals to start with, as you figured out. If you start with too few you can get to temp but you have to wait longer but if you start with too much you have to spend a lot of time choking the fire and getting it to settle in. It takes a few times to get the...
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    Weber 37" Ranch Kettle Charcoal Grill new for $799

    Those are $1400 retail so if you are in the market, that is a really good new price. I have one and absolutely love it. I don't do as many really big cooks as I used to but I did cook for 25 for Thanksgiving and will do the same for most holidays. I also do a lot of cooking for the week or...
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    Need expert opinions

    I apparently like to live dangerously. For probably 10 years in a row I cooked the turkey(s) outside in a different cooker or different technique. For some of those years I had a backup in the oven but I started going without a net once everyone loved whatever came in from outside. I used...
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    Biggest turkey to easily fit in Weber 26.75# kettle

    Probably depends if you are spatchcocking or not. If you are leaving it whole there probably isn't a bird that won't fit. I've cooked birds up to 20lbs on my 26 without problem but I don't have a SnS. Even still, I can't imagine you wouldn't have enough space for a big bird.
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    To baste or not to baste.....that is the question?

    As with all things bbq, there is no right or wrong. Do what feels good. I have never thought basting, or spritzing for that matter, does anything for the moistness of the meat but as mentioned above, it does have an impact on color. I don't do it much but sometimes I just can't help it.
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    Do you have a name for your grill...?

    I've never named one but I just got a Ranch kettle and it is quickly becoming the Beast. It's the only word that comes to mind when I look at it.
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    Do you use a Food Saver ?

    Another food saver user. My first one was a hand-me-down from my dad. I don't know how long he had used it but it was old enough it was yellowing. I used it for another 6-8 years. I finally retired it because it seemed the motor was struggling. Bought another and it has been perfect for...
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    Worth it?

    I honestly think the WSM is the perfect beginner smoker. It is a great platform to learn the concepts of fire management. Although you actually have to do the work of building the fire and adjusting vents, it is attainable and you learn from the cooker how much airflow you need. And as you...
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    But how does it TASTE?

    We did 2 turkeys for a while, one in the oven and one outside. 100% of the time everyone preferred the smoked turkey so I quit making one inside. Makes more room for sides in the oven. Keep in mind when I say smoked I mean cooked on the grill outside using charcoal and wood junks so it does...
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    Lump vs briquette, and fav brands, for smoking on a 22" Weber Kettle

    Yeah, Kingsford guy. It's just super consistent.
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    Short Ribs Never Reaching Temp

    I haven't tried them yet but I thought they were to cook more like a brisket than baby backs. So I wouldn't be surprised if they took longer to get to that temp.
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    Blackstone griddle, or Camp Chef Expedition 3x?

    Different animal and probably not what you are looking for but I just got a FireDisc and absolutely love it. More of a wok-like setup. Super portable and fun to cook on.
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    Pork tenderloin

    Very nice.
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    Foil Wrapping

    I've never really put a thermo in my ribs but I can imagine there would be a temp drop. I wouldn't sweat it. Some wrap some don't, I do because it seems to come out better for me. And if you are cutting them in half anyway you can pull the thinner pieces earlier. Just put them in a cooler...
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    Six pork butts this weekend

    It's been a while since I've used a WSM but if I needed to add coals I typically added lit coals. I'm in Florida so I don't deal with cooking in the cold much but a full basket of coals will take you a long ways. If it became necessary to add I would usually do about 3/4 chimney. The bigger...
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    Vortex in a Ranch

    I could be. I'm in Palm Beach County so a bit of a hike. I saw the cover, very nice. Send me some pictures of the grill and I'll check it out. Thanks.
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    Wow, great information. Thanks. For the price it sure seems to make sense.