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    Recommendations for degreasers / cleaners for kettles and wsm

    Hi there, What is the best way to clean our grills and grates at the end of grilling season? This year I do have some grease build up and I would like to do a really good cleaning inside and out. I've tried the ammonia in a plastic bag to clean off the grates but I'm wondering is that going...
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    Six Boston butt pork shoulders on a 22" WSM

    Hello everyone! Thank you to all on tvwbb who advised me on how to do a large cook on my WSM 22". This was something I've wanted to do for a long time but I was apprehensive but I decided this was the weekend to do it. With our members advice, and you tube videos on Chris Lilly's method, I was...
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    Me and my bright ideas....pulled pork for a crowd question(s)

    Hello there! I'm hoping you can guide me. I'm planning a get together next week and the dish I'm preparing will be pulled pork sandwiches. (Dustin's post was the inspiration) Well of course word got out and now the head count is up to 50 (i know smh right? Lol) thankfully I have a 22" wsm...
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    High heat chicken on the 14.5"

    Hi all, we finally had a free Saturday with nice weather so here is my cook. Thank you for the members who posted instructions for this. Thanks to the advice of our members I was able to do this cook.Let me tell you...this was the best chicken I've ever made that did not need barbecue sauce. My...
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    Weber tv

    Hello Jamie, First let me thank you for my weber "addiction" lol. My neighbors think I'm crazy bc I have multiple Webers and I use them all for different things. They also think that charcoal is the man's job. I try to get my charcoal cooks in on the weekends. I live in an area where gas...
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    Flanken style short ribs-only one pic.

    It's been a long time since I posted, but I'm doing a really quick one. This is a family favorite I do on the gas grill because it's fast. Flanken style short ribs marinated in bottled mojo sauce for a few hours. Grilled on high each side for 2-3 minutes for med rare. Anything longer and the...
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    Question about the nomex seal

    If I put one on my 22" wsm, will it disintegrate if I do a high heat chicken cook? I know it's a dumb question, but I feel the charcoal should last a little bit longer. I did a pork shoulder today and my charcoal only lasted about 7 hours. Granted it lasted longer today because I used the...
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    Praying that all of our San bernedino friends are safe.

    It's on the news now. Praying that Tony's family is safe and all who live there.
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    One hit wonders- pork chops and sweet potatoes on the genisis

    Hello all its Monday and the goal is to get food on the table so here we go!! Sweet potatoes we peeled, washed and put in a pot of water to par boil for about 10 minutes-used the side burner of the grill. Once parboiled it was thrown on direct heat to crisp up a little then to indirect heat...
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    July 4th weekend.

    I read somewhere that the 4th of July is like the Super Bowl of BBQ. What's everyone cooking for our Super Bowl? <thinking out loud> I think I might do a brisket and some other stuff. It's been a while since I've made one. Hmm what else would go good that's simple and a no brainer.
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    I kept it simple today. CSR's

    I didn't want to stress over a cook so I thought I'd try country style ribs and if they didn't come out then I was going to write it as a loss. I haven't used my 22" wsm in a long time so i thought this would be a good cook to try on it. It also didn't take a long time to do. They came out...
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    Ribs- just wondering what this does, and if you have a special method.

    Good morning, I've done the 3-2-1 method for ribs but I've never put butter or brown sugar in my foil only apple juice. Besides flavor, what does the butter do? I've seen pics of the parkayyyyy and real pats on top of the ribs. Do the ribs taste greasy? Thank you and have a good day.
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    Question about kettlepizza ring

    I haven't used mine in a while but I plan to use this weekend. Most of the complaints that I see online are that the bottom of the pizza cooks too fast while the top does not. I don't want to raise the stone because that would defeat the purpose of the ring. Would it be ok if I attached a...
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    Cuban style pulled pork

    Good morning, Here's the pork I did for Mother's Day. I did this on the 14.5 wsm Marinating in the mojo After 12 hours I put in the oven to finish off. Pulled and topped with more mojo A close up Thanks for looking!!
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    Which would be better?

    I have a 9lb bone in Boston butt marinating in mojo. I want to do it on one of my smokers. My initial intention is to do it on the 14.5 (brand new so I need to break it in) or should I do it on the 22.5? I plan on getting on at about 9 the latest 10 am (not serving until Sunday, I do have...
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    Grilled chicken wrap.

    It's such a beautiful day outside and the hubbs is working late. (When the weather's nice they do as much as they can-construction) soooooooo I decided to grill some chicken breast for us and for some lunches tomorrow. Proof that the weather is great Marinated the chicken in this On a...
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    How to adapt to cook on kettle or wsm question.

    Hi all, I'm wondering if you can give me some advice as to how I can adapt make a peka (peka is the name of the dish made in Croatia for meat, fish, or chicken roasted under a bell over hot coals) here's what it looks like Tried to post a second pic but photo bucket was acting swirly. The...
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    I had great intentions on posting my pics on the throwdown. I bought a chicken from the grocery store this morning and prepped to cook on my otg. Tried the hot and fast by using my charcoal baskets temp was 390. This was a full lit chimney with a few. Chunks of apple wood. Water pan empty...
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    Like my new centerpiece? :)

    My hubby bought me one!!