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    pulled chicken in quantity

    Hi, I’d like to know how this turned out?
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    Looking for a Summer Dream Job

    I applied!! The worst they can say is no. This would be a nice break from searching the job boards on indeed every day. Lol
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    Paella on the Performer

    Wow that looks fabulous!!!! How long did it take to cook from the time you put the broth and rice in until finished?
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    Mildo you have made me proud! (First generation American born from Croatian parents). Question, what did you use to make the shape? Form them with your hands or used a device? Thank you.
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    WSM 22" center section

    Hi, I also have a center section that has never been used only garage kept that I’m looking to get rid of. I will give it to anyone who can take it off my hands. I live in northern NJ (Elmwood Park) so I prefer to have it locally picked up. If you are interested, please pm me. Thank you,
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    Error post -sorry
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    Rotisserie Ham

    Looks delicious!! We are also 2 so I had a lot of leftovers so here is what I do Ham freezes well so Cube it and portion it out into zip locks and freeze. Quiches which I freeze (I use store bought crust when I make more than 2) those have eggs, ham, spinach, and Swiss cheese. Split pea...
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    Where were you when i needed some for my bolognese sauce?? Just kidding. This looks fabulous!!!!
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    Looking for tips on my minion setup (long cooks)

    Hi there, I also had the same problem with a neighbor next door a few years ago. If he keeps calling, just take him aside and tell him that you are smoking meat only and there's nothing to worry about and if he keeps calling the fire department you are going to send him the bill that they send...
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    Recommendations for degreasers / cleaners for kettles and wsm

    Hi there, What is the best way to clean our grills and grates at the end of grilling season? This year I do have some grease build up and I would like to do a really good cleaning inside and out. I've tried the ammonia in a plastic bag to clean off the grates but I'm wondering is that going...
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    Purviance Strikes Again!!

    Hi I went to Barnes and noble and bought a copy. They have this book discounted to $9.98 today.
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    Six Boston butt pork shoulders on a 22" WSM

    Hi there, I only took the temp of one of them (can't remember which one) when it was as like 195 I put them all in the cooler. The rest help them finish off. All of them were fully cooked and tender when I shredded them. I could tell they were tender when I was taking them out. Hope this helps.
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    Six Boston butt pork shoulders on a 22" WSM

    Thank you so much everyone for your help!
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    Six Boston butt pork shoulders on a 22" WSM

    Hi Donna! Yes my garage does!! I put a few containers of baking soda for now. Josie
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    Smoked Meatloaf on WSM Question

    That meatloaf looks delicious
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    Six Boston butt pork shoulders on a 22" WSM

    Hello everyone! Thank you to all on tvwbb who advised me on how to do a large cook on my WSM 22". This was something I've wanted to do for a long time but I was apprehensive but I decided this was the weekend to do it. With our members advice, and you tube videos on Chris Lilly's method, I was...
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    Me and my bright ideas....pulled pork for a crowd question(s)

    This came out wonderful! Everyone loved it! I will post more details tomorrow, thanks again for your advice!
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    Chicken and Canadian Bacon.

    That's chicken looks fabulous!
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    Me and my bright ideas....pulled pork for a crowd question(s)

    It's supposed to be very hot on Saturday so I also may consider that to. Thank you
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    Me and my bright ideas....pulled pork for a crowd question(s)

    I think I should play it safe by lighting the fire at 11:00pm wait until it comes to temp and put the meat on at about midnight (I don't want to start at 3:00am bc I may have the fire department at my door) and let it run all night and wrap at 165-170ish until 200* then wrap and leave in the...